Your Career Is Going Nowhere, What Can You Do?

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Has your career hit a bump, you’re in a dead end job or you just want a change? You are not alone! You could just go out with your friends and complain about it or you could do something about it.  Are you bored, want more money or just want a change? Did you give it your all or did you just expect they would discover your talent?  Whatever the reason, if you want to do something about it, you can start here!

Some of you may even be doing well! You are well compensated and unhappy.  Boohoo!  There are a lot of you out there!  The bad economy made it difficult for employed people too.  It is hard to feel sorry for you , but I understand.  You are unhappy and there are very few opportunities out there.  Actually, most employers want employed people because they feel they are a more valuable commodity.  There is a still a prejudice against unemployed people whether we realize it or not.  The good news is the economy is improving and I expect there will be a lot of movement of unhappy people leaving their jobs.  Before you start to check all those online job boards, you may want to take advantage of all the great information online on some of these blogs.

You will notice that I am one (#21) of these blogs.  I was probably included because of some great articles such as 20 Interview Questions to Ask Employers, Should Age Matter?, I Will Never Retire!, Interview Tips for Older Workers, How Are Your Soft Skills?, A Couple Tips for a Successful Interview!, Why Your Personal Image Matters!, Are Temp Jobs the New Career Track?, Get Rich without Quitting Your Day Job, What Should You Do?, Interview questions that make you go Hmmm!, Employers Are Testing for skill and Personality and Planning Your Next Career.  There is much more, I thought I would highlight just some of my best ones. If you are going to change careers, jobs or just companies, you should not treat this lightly.  There is a risk it may not work out!  You should give it a lot of thought and investigate and explore a lot of information before you take that leap.

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Final thoughts

Think about your career before you make any changes.  Did you have career goals and a plan to help you achieve them?  Did you just make a bad choice?  It is always good to evaluate where you are and what your next step should be.  Changing jobs, careers or leaving your company should not be taken lightly.  Take the time to really think about what you like or don’t like about your career, job or company before you make any big changes.  I just gave you a lot to investigate, think about and read before you make any decisions. No matter what your decision is regarding your career, good luck!

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No matter what your decision is regarding your career, good luck!


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