Would James Bond be eligible for life insurance?

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Brought to life by novelist Ian Fleming in 1953, James Bond started out first as a character in a book, and then moved to film, television, radio, comics and video games. The infamous 007 has been the star of 23 films to date, and has enchanted Bond Girls and killed baddies for six decades.


As a fictional character, James Bond would not be in need of life insurance. However, if you were to put aside his fictional status, would James Bond be eligible for life insurance?

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While Fleming didn’t provide Bond with a birth date, a fictional biography of Bond by John Pearson placed his birthday on November 11, 1920. At the grand old age of 93, Bond would be too old to get life insurance now. Then again, the permanently-40 film version of Bond should have no problems applying for life insurance.

Dangerous Professions

His job, on the other hand may prevent him from getting approved for cover. While each life insurance provider has different ways of dealing with applicants with dangerous professions, Bond would find it difficult to get approved for life insurance with his incredibly dangerous 9-5.

People with dangerous professions can get cover, but they may have to pay higher premiums, and they may have to put up with lower payouts.

Active engagement in war – Bond’s bread and butter – usually means automatic rejection for life insurance. Bond would be better off getting specialized life insurance from his employer, MI6.

Dangerous Pastimes

What does Bond like to do when he’s not working? If he spends his free time bedding women, gambling and drinking, then you could probably say he has non-dangerous pastimes (although, perhaps not so good for his health).

If he likes to carry the thrill of his work into his private life, perhaps hang gliding, bungee jumping, sky diving, or rock climbing, then this could be a red flag for life insurance providers.

International Life Insurance

Bond travels wherever there is trouble. The trouble with that is, not all life insurance policies cover you while you are overseas. If Bond were looking for life insurance, he would need to find a policy that allowed him to travel, or he could investigate international life insurance options.

Would James Bond even need life insurance?

With no living relatives, no wife, and no children – that he knows of – Bond really doesn’t need life insurance anyway. If he were to settle down, get a mortgage, and start a family, life insurance would become more of a necessity.

Income Protection

While Bond may not need life insurance, income protection could certainly help him out. If he were to get hurt and was no longer able to work, income protection to help tide him over until he got back on his feet. Or perhaps Miss Moneypenny would let him keep his expense account while he recovered.

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