Why Sports Teach Success?

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Participation in sports teach skills in leadership and success.  When you think of sports, you think of physical activity, but there is much more.  Most companies operate as a team which means it is similar to a sports team.  Winning teams are not necessarily the most talented, but one that can work well together to meet an objective.  If you do not participate in sports in school what are you learning, the 3 R’s?

If you just spend time playing games on your computer, you lose!  Young people cannot just sit and entertain themselves without playing some computer games on their mobile devices.  I think society is in trouble if this continues.  If repetitive tasks are needed, you will have the skills.  Is everything a game?  Real life is much more complex!  It gives us the false impression that everything is entertainment and can be resolved in a short period of time.  How are you honing your skills?

The first rule of sports is showing up.  You practice and develop skills.  At some point a coach decides to put you in and you perform.  What did you learn?  You work hard, practice and demonstrate your skills.  If you are good and play well together as a team you will succeed.  Along the way, you learn about your team mates and learn to trust each other will do their part to help the team succeed.  Working together for a common goal is a large part of team building and leadership.  You may not always win, but you learn a lot along the way.

Sports is not just physical activity, it is mental too.  You have to learn plays, do your part and interact with your team members.  It sounds easy, but team building is never easy because you need to take individuals and have them work together toward a goal.  Learning how to interact with other children their age and abilities help  team building, communication and social skills.  These are just some of the skills which make great leaders.

Many people overlook the importance and discipline of sports.  It is hard work to practice every day.  Some may say it is a lot like work.  You have a chance for leadership much earlier than you would in a work environment.  In team sports, leaders are determined by the team.  It is the individual that the group will follow when needed.  Some call it a popularity contest, but I see it as a demonstration of performance.

High school or college sports add the dimension of grades.  To remain eligible, you must maintain minimum grades.  I cannot think of any other situation that simulates a work environment than team sports in school.  Only Olympic or professional competition would take it to a higher level.  Sports teach perseverance, time management, patience and discipline. These life lessons are transferable to the work environment too.

Often, sports give students who may not be academic an opportunity to achieve success.  Who are the leaders?  Generally speaking, most entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are former athletes.  They learned responsibility and accountability in sports.  In sports, you learn how to deal with failure and turn it into success.  Besides the physical benefits of sports, it builds confidence, problem solving, decision making and self esteem.

Wrap Up

I believe in sports and games!  They teach us so much and are fun.  Just to be clear, I advocate games where you interact with other people.  Games that isolate have limited benefits.  Besides the military, I cannot think of too many opportunities for learning leadership skills other than sports.  Participating in sports have many benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.  It will give you confidence in anything you do.  Sports teach Success.

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Sports teach success!

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