Why I don’t Have a Bucket List

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Any bucket list is stupid!  If you wait to do things or need to put it on a bucket list, you probably won’t do it anyway.  The concept of a list of things to do before you die bothers me!  It seems you are procrastinating if you need to put it on some list to do in the future.  The bucket list is a list of things to do before you kick the bucket.  Are you putting off something for all the wrong reasons?

I am not referring to buying things!  I decided a long time ago, I did not want to wait to sixty-five (65) years old to retire.  Why work for forty (40) years and then get to do what you want to do.  It would mean I gave up my best years working and waiting to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Instead, I put together a plan when I was thirty-one (31) years old for financial independence before I turned forty (40) years old.  To my surprise, I achieved it much earlier at 38 years old.

Many of the things on a bucket list are not expensive or even exotic.  It reminds me of the grandmother who went skydiving at eighty (80) years old.  You probably saw her on the evening news or YouTube because she fell out of her harness and she was holding on for her life.  Why not do those kinds of things when you are young.  Other things that seem to gravitate to a bucket list is travel to an exotic location.  Again, you can save your money and go when you are young enough to enjoy it.

Bucket lists are great places to put things you wished you did your entire life.  Maybe I am different from most of you, but I managed to do all the things I ever wanted to do.  Don’t misunderstand, I have not done everything and I want to do more.  I have not traveled to every country I want to see, nor have I experienced everything.  I am not waiting to fulfill a list of things I want to do, instead I just put together a plan and do it.

I don’t need a list to remind me that I want to do something.  My lists are usually tasks or things I need to complete to reach my goals.  I keep my goals close by to keep me focused on my goals.  Some people think a bucket list keeps you focused on what you want to do too.  Why not just plan it and do it!  If it requires additional funds, save your money and do it.  When I am in my eighties 80) and nineties (90), I do not expect to go skydiving or climbing K2.  I am not interested now so why even bother?

How do you start?  I started a long time ago by saving at least 10-20% of my income.  A savings account provides choices!  My wife and I love the beach!  We used to go to the beach day or night as an inexpensive date.  As a married couple, we still go to the beach for the day or vacation.  When our children were small, we rented a house with friends on the beach for 1-2 weeks.  It was fun and an inexpensive vacation.  Some people may put a beach house or vacation house on their bucket list.

The majority of bucket list items are usually experiences that you could do at any time.  Going skydiving at 80 years old may be one of your goals, but why wait?  I like castles, knights and that whole time in history.  When I visit Europe, I have to include a castle or two and definitely a museum to see all those things.  I have also included a stay in a castle years ago and managed to do it several times.

There are lots of ways to have what you want and not spend an arm and a leg!  We usually travel overseas every other year.  We started that roughly twenty-five (25) years ago.  I cannot predict the future or when I will die, but I can certainly do many of the things I want to do by just planning it.  I do not want to find myself on my death bed regretting not doing something I wanted to do.

Final Thoughts

A bucket list is a form of procrastination.  I find it stupid to place some experience on a list and wait years to accomplish it.  Why not just plan it and go do it.  A bucket list seems like a list of goals without a time frame.  How would you hold yourself accountable?  A bucket list may give you a false sense of setting goals.  A bucket list is similar to putting off goals.  If you get satisfaction by just putting things on a list, a bucket list may work for you.

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