What Is Your Success Strategy?

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Do you have a success strategy?  Simple enough, it is a yes or no question.  Then, why do so many people have difficulty answering the question?  There is an implication that if you say no that you are a failure.  So what!  In order to succeed, you have to fail.  All successful people failed at one time or another.  What makes them successful is they kept trying to succeed.


The definition of success is reaching your goal.  This is important because your goal may have nothing to do with money and still you are successful.  Success in school could be A’s and B’s.  Being a successful parent is helping your children reach their potential and helping them become a productive member of society.  These are goals that have nothing to do with money.  What is your strategy for success?

Goal and a Plan

I always thought all you need are goals and a plan to achieve them to achieve success.  I still do, but monitoring and adjusting your plan is necessary to achieve your goals too.  As I reflect on my successes and failures I realize that I use a strategy for success as well.  My strategy is pretty simple and it has become a habit so I don’t think about it.  How does my strategy work?


I start with the things I want, it may be things I need or want to do.  What probably differentiates me from other people is my approach.  I look at these things as a problem and how am I going to solve it.  I think it is because I had early success with math so everything is a math problem.  I wrote an article called Do Your Resume Backwards! which embodies my strategy for success.  In math, approach is everything!


What is my approach?  I start with the outcome or end in mind.  What should my retirement look like?  There are a lot of parts to retirement, sufficient money to be comfortable, lowering my expenses and most importantly  how am I going to do it.  Execution of my strategy is as important as the strategy itself.  Measuring success is simple , it is whether reached your goal or not.


Execution is many decisions related to the outcome or goal you want to achieve.  Successful execution is making more right decisions than wrong decisions!   A lot is dependent on your judgment which is only as good as your decision making ability.  I see it as how good is your problem solving ability?  This is a real world test on you r math skills!  It wasn’t only about learning how to add or subtract numbers.  Math teaches you problem solving, logic, organization skills and helps your judgment.  Hear that young people math will affect the rest of your life!

At times I feel like a juggler or the guy who is trying to keep all the plates spinning at once on those sticks.  The strategy is understanding short and long term goals and what you are trying to achieve in the end.  I use a variety of things to help me achieve my goals.  I  am always thinking about wnat I am trying to achieve and break it down to tasks to do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  Doe sit work?

Final Thoughts

My strategy is based on games of strategy such as chess, monopoly, Chinese checkers or card games.  I like winning which is not that unusual because I never met someone who likes losing.  I start with the outcome and work backwards.  I develop goals and tasks that support the outcome.  My plan is monitoring my progress and adjusting my efforts to reach my goals and ultimately the desired outcome.  Execution of a strategy that keeps the outcome in mind is the basis for success.  Do you have a success strategy?

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