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Post image for Is Buying a New Car Ever a Good Investment?

Many financial experts reject the notion of looking at a new car as an investment in the same way you would with a house. Unlike real estate, new cars tend to depreciate in value. In fact, they can lose 30-40% of their value within the first three years of ownership. Because of this fact, used cars are often seen as a better investment. They may have a few more miles on the clock, but used cars often offer all of the same high-tech gadgets and safety features as brand new models and have a much lower sticker price. As a result, is there any reason to buy a new car? Read More…

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Post image for The Best Small Investments for Future Cash Flows

It’s no secret, we love money. If you don’t profess your love for money, you surely recognize its importance. This is the reason people and professionals are always looking to increase their current cash flows with sound investments. As many of us are averse to risk when it comes to money, here a few of the best small investment options that are best for your future returns. Read More…

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Happy Thanksgiving

by Krantcents · 6 comments

Post image for Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States each year on the fourth Thursday in November.  I was surprised to learn that as many as seven (7) other countries celebrate Thanksgiving.  In the United States, the origin goes back to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.  Most celebrate with a huge meal of turkey with all the trimmings with family and friends.  How will you celebrate? Read More…

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Post image for Everything Is Always on Sale!

Everything is always on sale seems like an exaggeration! If you are expecting to go to your local store and find absolutely everything on sale, you will be disappointed. Then again, you can find just about everything on sale somewhere. Online retailers are constantly discounting their products and there are always coupons for discounts and free shipping. I f you look, you can find everything on sale! Read More…

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Post image for No College, No Problem: 5 Careers That Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree

As a high school student interested in helping others in a medical setting, becoming a physician may seem like a logical choice. However, after completing an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school and several years of residency, many med school grads are left with crippling debt and shockingly high malpractice insurance payments. Read More…

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Post image for Are You an Overachiever or Underperformer?

Are you a overachiever or underperformer? I used to work in a high tech environment where everyone was an overachiever. I constantly was trying to do better and outperform my colleagues. Sometimes I was successful and other times I was not. According to dictionary, underperform is to fail to do as well as expected. In academia, it may be achieving a grade of D or F. Are you an overachiever or underperformer? Read More…

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Post image for Why No One Cares What You Think about Investment Plan (and How to Stop Being so Freaking Boring)

Why no one cares what you think about investment plan (and how to stop being so freaking boring) is an important topic everyone who cares about their financial future should be thinking about; and with the recent shutdown of the government putting the so-called ”Obamacare” (Affordable Care Act) law into the spotlight, thinking about retirement is more relevant than ever. It’s easy for you to say that I will never retire! January 22, 2013 but the time will come when you are too old to work, and what then? Read More…

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Post image for Best and Worst Places to Job Hunt Online

Best and Worst Places to Job Hunt Online

Finding a job is hard and finding the right job is even harder, especially with the condition of today’s job market. Gone are the days of walking into a restaurant, a retail store, or an office with your resume in hand looking for a job. Of course, that is still an option but the majority of locations will tell you to fill out an application online. Read More…

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I Hate Tests!

by Krantcents · 13 comments

Post image for I Hate Tests!

Life is filled with tests, but we do not call them tests! As a teacher, I give tests to my students as an assessment. There is no secret to that! I have to take tests or classes to demonstrate my knowledge or qualifications as a teacher. This week I had to take a test to prove I could administer a state test. Read More…

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Post image for Helping Your Parents Manage Their Finances

Dealing with elderly parents can be a real challenge. Many seniors today are fiercely independent and insist on making their own decisions about everything. As long as they are capable of doing that, most families are content to allow them to manage their own lives. There may come a time, however, when the adult children need to step in and take control over certain aspects of an elderly parent’s life — and that can be a difficult moment for everyone. Read More…

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