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What does the average pizza look like? Crust, thin or thick, depending on your preferences. Pizza sauce and cheese, to make it all stick together. Various toppings, from different cheese types to mushrooms, prosciutto or even pineapple (I personally love Hawaii Pizza). But, as usual, this is not written in stone. Unusual variations emerge from time to time, taking a spin on the traditional recipe. Some are more interesting, the others just plain expensive (like Nino’s Bellissima pizza in New York, topped with six types of caviar and two lobster tails). But here are the craziest I managed to find – you might try some of them for your next Pizza, Beer & Casino Night.

PB&C, you might ask. Well, yes – this unusual combination of eating, drinking and playing great games is a perfect way to spend a night.

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But let’s move on to the wackiest pizzas of the world.

1. Meatzza

At first sight it looks a lot like a thick-crust pizza topped with anything you can imagine. But appearances can be deceiving – actually it is a thick crust made of meatball mixture, re-defining the very concept of the meat lovers pizza forever. It is surprisingly easy to make at home – it only needs minced meat, bread crumbs, eggs and spices mixed together and shaped as a pizza dough in a baking pan. For a healthier variety you can replace breadcrumbs with oatmeal. Lose the tomato sauce, though. Top it with cheese, and whatever else you can imagine.

2. Melon Pizza

A low calorie, refreshing and surprising variation on the classic pizza. Once again, it’s the crust that’s replaced – this time with a big, round, juicy slice of watermelon. Again, lose the tomato juice and you might also want to go easy with the cheese. The perfect toppings for this interesting – and intriguing – summer food are prosciutto crudo, mozzarella (buffala, if you can find) and fresh green herbs, like mint or basil, and serve chilled. It’s surprising, fresh and low calorie.

3. Cookie Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza

If the previous one was low calorie, this one is for those who don’t count them. For the crust you’ll need a cookie mix, homemade or store bought will do, topped with marshmallows and baked to perfection. Top it with some melted chocolate strips and serve it just like pizza. A great dessert to munch on while the reels spin.

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Happy Memorial Day

by Krantcents · 4 comments

Post image for Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States to remember the people who died while serving in the armed forces. It is observed every year on the last Monday in May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the soldiers who died during the war. It was a time to place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries. Read More…

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Post image for The History of Ecommerce: From Cattle to Bitcoin

Do you remember Diner’s Club cards? How about those old online shops that only had a few buttons and products for you to choose from? Each time you had to punch in your credit card number. It wasn’t like today where we can save a credit card number to a profile and use it numerous times into the future. Read More…

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Never make Excuses!

by Krantcents · 2 comments

Post image for Never make Excuses!

Excuses avoids responsibility! When you fail, do you make excuses?  Do you take responsibility for your actions or blame others?  What is your excuse for poor performance?  Excuses keep you from looking at the real problem!  Excuses will make you give up!  Do you start out with good intentions and tolerate poor results? No one ever excused his way to success. (Dave Del Dotto) Why? Read More…

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Do You Follow the Rules?

by Krantcents

Post image for Do You Follow the Rules?

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” (Dalai lama XIV) Yes, I am suggesting to break the rules! This is coming from someone who likes rules.  After all, rules create structure, limits and avoid chaos.  Rules create expectations, discipline and define actions.  Don’t we want the other car to stop a t the red light? If you know the rules, you can break them! Read More…

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Post image for Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids

Since this is National Financial Literacy Month, I thought I would start with a definition.  “Financial Literacy is the ability to make informed judgments and effective decisions regarding the use and management of money”.  Too many Americans are insufficiently educated about their personal finances.Why is it important and when should you learn it? Read More…

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Post image for 4 Ways to Make Money through Online Marketing and Save It


You can find several ways to make money online. One of the best ways to make money online is through online marketing.

Below are some ways that you could make money through online marketing.

Read More…

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Post image for Thinking of Buying a Rental Property in a College Town? Do Your Research First

If you have kids in college, or kids about to go away to college and you’ve looked at the price of on-campus housing these days, you may have thought to yourself, “boy that’s expensive.” Read More…

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Post image for Recovering from a Massive Trading Loss

The most important element of successful trading is the ability to manage risk and maintain composure. Even the best traders in the world lose on a regular basis.  Success in trading therefore is not about avoiding losses.  In contrast, we must embrace the process of losing and learn to lose gracefully.  Read More…

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Post image for Price Action with Binary Options

Price action is used in binary options to trade with current price behavior while placing less emphasis on past prices. You save more time using price action and see more trading opportunities Read More…

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