Top Secrets to Make Recruiters Find You

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Would you like to have r recruiters call you?  It is always great to have recruiters call you.  Over the years, I have had my share of opportunities from recruiters.   There are employers who have openings that need to be filled.  They usually find candidates who distinguish themselves and are referred to them, but it is no longer their only source.  Don’t you want that call?

Seven Tips

Internally – Most companies prefer to hire internally!  Many companies even have a mechanism to identify people for promotion.  They also post job openings for everyone to apply.  The key is to have your boss support a job change, promotion or transfer.

Industry Expert – Get involved in industry associations or write for an industry publication where you can distinguish yourself.  If you become an expert within your industry, you are more likely to learn about other opportunities and recruiter will notice you.

Networking – Networking is no longer just face to face, linkedIn has changed the landscape.  Don’t just rely on technology though, it should be used as a supplement to physical networking.

Social Media – Twitter particularly when used in business is another area recruiters look at to find candidates.  Industry forums may be another good place to be noticed.

Recommendation – Referrals and recommendations are important!  Someone that the recruiter, company or industry may know makes a difference.  Most industries are much smaller than you realize, a manager or vice president who has been there a while can make a difference.

High Profile – Find opportunities to contribute such as meetings, performance or special projects are great ways to stand put.  A few positive contributions may be enough to warrant a promotion.

First Step – Putting yourself out there by uploading your resume may be aggressive, but you will get attention.  It may even be from your own company.  I would be very careful about posting my resume online.

Top Secrets to Make Recruiters Find You

Final Thoughts

These are great tips to have recruiters call you, but they work well for networking and finding a promotion or job opening too.  Most people have difficulty promoting themselves in a corporate environment.  We are pretty good about asking our friends for a good hair stylist, attorney or plumber.  Somehow we fall down when it comes to asking about job leads. These tips will help you market or promote yourself internally or externally.  It encourages people to find you.  Either way, you won!  Your employer may recognize your talents or recruiters may see you as a candidate for an opportunity.

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