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Years ago, I realized I think differently!  It could be nature or nurture.  Maybe something happened to me when I was small.  You know, struck by lightning, earthquake or hurricane.  Was I brought up by wolves or something to make me think I am different?  What was it that I did or my parents did that made me think differently?  Am I just different or do I think differently?  I do not know!

Early Years

I thought my parents found me on their door step because I felt I was different.  They were older when I can along and I thought something was different.  My parents were always very busy so I do not remember them being around during the week.  On weekends, they were working too.  I went with them to work, but I worked too. My friends did not go to work with their parents.  My friends were the children of my neighbors.  My neighbors were my doctor, dentist and business owners.

I think this early experience affected my thinking.  Many parents tell children to be your own person, but few give you the opportunity to become your own person.  During the week, I went to school, practiced the piano and played with my friends.  On weekends, I was thrust into the adult world of work.  Little did I know that it would change my thinking!  Being around adults, you grow up fast.  I was given a job to complete and they expected I would do it.

I suppose I learned skills, one of which was confidence that I could complete a task.  I think I learned considerably more from that experience, I learned about expectations.  My parents expected me to perform.  I do not think I realized it at the time, but it carried over into school.  I suppose if my father worked on cars over the weekend, I would have learned mechanical skills.  The difference was not the particular skill, but what was expected of me.

I spent a lot of time with adults in a work environment.  I worked and I saw others work.  I had a chance to learn about different careers and I saw how business owners took care of their business.  I tagged along when my parents went on business trips.  I saw them negotiate, make choices and work.  Very few children actually see what their parents do at such an early age.  Was it a good thing?

Doing it Again

Good or bad, I took my children along with me to my business.  I put them to work cleaning tables, making drinks and sometimes put them on the cash register.  They had to work because it was a restaurant and everyone is needed when you are busy.  They literally earned their lunch.  They worked a couple of hours for a $5-6 lunch, child labor laws went out the window.  What lessons did they learn?

Taking your children to work is common now, but I did this 25-30 years ago.  Of course, I was just repeating what I did nearly 60 years earlier.  Little did I know my parents were doing what their parents did too!  I think I was in an entrepreneurial training program without knowing it.  Do entrepreneurs think differently?  Yes, they are usually independent, problem solvers and self motivated.

Wrap Up

Did this experience change my thinking?  Probably, it influenced me and it matured my thinking early.  Nature or nurture is always a question?  I don’t think I will ever know.  I learned from my parents that you keep going no matter what until you reach your goal.  It helped them accomplish all their dreams.  It probably helped me achieve my dreams.  It caused me to think differently!

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