The Lost Art of Handwriting

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Handwriting has become a lost art!  Technology has changed our communication.  Simple communication of writing a letter or note is not something we do anymore.  We email, tweet, text, share on Facebook, post on a blog, post on a website, chat, connect online, or make a call on a cell or VOIP phone.  Technology changed everything!   Has the ability to actually write become obsolete?

Stand out from the crowd 

If it has, it is also an opportunity for you to stand out!  A simple thank you note after an interview may be just the thing to put you over the top.  A handwritten note may be obsolete, but is personal.  It is romantic to the right person.  It is motivational for a child.  It is special as a thank you for a gift.  Something you should do after receiving a gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or some other special occasion.  It still is valued!

When I was a poor college student, I used handwritten letters and notes to show my feelings for my then girlfriend.  I stopped buying cards a long time ago!  I never found cards to express my feelings as well as I could.  Writing my own cards is more personal and more meaningful too. Too bad it is dying out.  Soon there will be people who no longer can read cursive writing.  Writing will go the way of dinosaurs!

Museums have letter collections

There is a reason we collect letters of famous people to exhibit in museums?  We learn so much from people’s writing because it gives us insight into the writer. You don’t have to be famous to be worth saving either!  I remember receiving a handwritten note from my wife’s grandfather.  It was encouraging, inspiring and just made me feel good.   Would a text have the same impact?  140 characters do have its limits!  It could, but would you save it?

So much writing is archived in libraries, museums or personal collections.  There are museums dedicated to U.S. Presidents where you can find their personal writing.  Now, we will need a typed translation because soon there will be generations who cannot read cursive writing.  Besides, many people’s writing is difficult to read anyway.  Technology has changed communication and we need to adapt.


If you really want to learn about someone, read their letters!  Graphologists go further, they analyze your writing.  Graphology is the study of handwriting, especially when regarded as an expression of the writer’s character, personality, abilities, etc.  It is sometimes used to analyze personality and behavior.  It is sometimes used in criminology.  They use a number (as many as 300) features to analyze writing for personality and behavior.   Handwriting is part of your personal image!

Why handwriting is important?

A simple handwritten note will have impact!  It is personal and expresses your feelings whether as a thank you, card for a special occasion, note of congratulations, expresses love, regret, encouragement, help in a sale or close a deal.  It has impact!  Some may use it to seal an interview or express their love at Valentine’s Day.  Both are important in their own way.  A simple handwritten note from your boss, mate or someone in your life will affect you much more than a text, email or some other electronic device.

A handwritten note is personal and it takes more time than some electronic message.  It is usually valued more just because it is on paper.  Whether it is a thank you not, a letter or a business plan on the back of a napkin, it is valued.  It used to be a rudimentary contract between two (2) people, words were more valued or there were fewer choices.  I am not trying to turn the clock back, but it is a way to stand out from the crowd.

Over my professional business career, I have interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of people and never received a thank you note. A handwritten thank you note or just a note would distinguish you from all the other candidates.  You are out there networking for your next job, to connect or just to increase your presence in your industry, you want to clinch your connection with a note.  A simple handwritten note will have more impact.

Final thoughts

Is handwriting a lost art?  Technology has replaced almost all of it, but you can use it to your advantage.  You can stand out by writing a note, letter or some other personal way to communicate.  It still matters, but it is up to each of us!  It has more impact than an email, text, or some other electronic communication.  Whether you use it to nail an interview, follow up an networking meeting, encourage an employee, a thank you note, a letter or some other reason.  Technology is adapting by developing programs to recognize handwriting and organizing it.  It even provides to take notes or write electronically, but it does not replace a handwritten note.  They are still manufacturing pencils and pens.  We still value a beautifully written note, don’t we  or is handwriting a dying art!

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