The Best Small Investments for Future Cash Flows

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It’s no secret, we love money. If you don’t profess your love for money, you surely recognize its importance. This is the reason people and professionals are always looking to increase their current cash flows with sound investments. As many of us are averse to risk when it comes to money, here a few of the best small investment options that are best for your future returns.

Claim Your Name in Cyber Space

In the last decade, we have truly mastered using the internet to our advantage. There are countless examples of internet based start-up companies or quick ways to earn cash online. While many of these internet opportunities are available, only a certain few are worth your time.

Purchasing a domain name, or several, is a seemingly simple task that can foster a large reward. Remember the internet is global so companies all over are looking to attract attention via keywords and common domain names. Often, these companies will make offers to acquire the domain name and this can result in a generous return if you decide to part ways.

Even large corporations like Yahoo are actively selling off domain names to raise cash. Be creative and take a chance. Dissect your industry of interest and make the small investment of purchasing a domain; remain active and involved like with any other investment, and your domain(s) could reap a generous reward.

Invest in a Government Bond 

Go buy a government bond! While this is boring, it is beneficial. Government bonds have been around for quite some time and are a big economic driver. Keep in mind this investment is long-term. Interest is paid every six months and bonds mature typically between ten and thirty years. While this investment may not be considered “small” at $5 to $10,000, the cost will clear over the term of your investment.

To get the best advice to understand the return on this type of investment, visit your financial planner and come prepared with questions to ask.  There are plenty of other avenues to take like researching on Google or finding directions to Fisher Investments offices to begin your conversation around bond investments. While this is not the most exciting investment, it is guaranteed – pending a government shutdown.

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin has come to the market by storm since its creation in 2008. If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, it’s a type of digital currency that functions without an authority.

With increasing concern on the value of our currency, various options are becoming more and more realistic. Gold is traditionally a good small investment and now we are seeing the power behind Bitcoin. If you get behind this movement you may be rewarded heavily.

Make sure you’re doing some research. Bitcoin is monitored in a decentralized system and may often feel intangible in shifting online markets. Take a chance with this investment and approach it with concern. Bitcoin may prove to be the best investment for future cash flow but it is still very young investment option and one to be weary of.

Set Your Future

There are so many options to invest your money and many of them are just as good as the other. I would suggest always doing your research and consulting with an individual who has made the investment you’re interested in. If you’re primarily concerned with immediate cash returns, your options may fare better with the stock market or more immediate investments.

The proposed options are best for a poised investor. These are small investments, not requiring daily focus but long-term commitment. Determine your goal and what amount of money you would like to see in return as a result of your efforts. By investing in one or all three of these options, you’re sure to secure cash flows for yourself.

Are you an experienced investor or just trying to figure out what it is all about? Leave some advice in the comments below to learn from others about what works best to put money back in your pockets.

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