The 3 J’s of Success

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The 3 J’s of Success is the tenth in a series of articles to help you reach your goal.  What are your goals?  I know you thought about it!  You know, it is your dream, wish or resolution you made!  Before you can get to where you want to be, you need to know where you are going.  You wouldn’t get on a bus, train or plane without knowing where it was going.


When did you start making decisions?  I do not know when you did, but most of us start very young.  Making decisions help you improves your decision making ability because of experience.  You learn from your mistakes and you make better decisions.  Improving your decision making is part of judgment.  Judgment is the evaluation of evidence in the making of a decision.  Understanding this concept, I made sure my children made more decisions early.  When my children were very young, we gave them an opportunity to make a choice between appropriate choices.  Maybe it was what they wore, a toy, or a book.  They made more decisions and improved their judgment.

When you set your goals, do you reward yourself for accomplishing them?  I know just achieving the goal should be the reward in itself.  I like rewards for doing things, however small.  When I achieved financial independence, I rewarded myself with many of the status symbols that I wanted or felt I deserved.  It was like winning a prize!  It told me I made it.  When I lost weight a long time ago, I rewarded myself by buying new clothes.  The prize or jackpot is up to you.

Do you ever think about the difference a good partner makes in your success?  I have had partners over the years, but my best is definitely my wife.  She knows me and is supportive when I need it and probably when I don’t.  A good partner is hard to find in business because of a variety of reasons.  I owned a condo in Mammoth (California ski area) with two (2) other couples and I had a partner in my studio catering company.  It is hard to find a good partner and it is more difficult to make decisions.  A partnership in business or in a marriage is a joint responsibility.


Do we choose to fail?  Of course not!  Developing our judgment takes time and practice.  The more decisions you make, it is more likely you will make better decisions.  How can make sure you make better decisions?  Find the earliest opportunities to make decisions in a safe environment where the consequences of your decisions are small.  Parents can create that safe environment where you can make many decisions and learn from your mistakes.  The result is sound judgment.


I am not talking about gambling!  I see this more like the prize or success in business.  It can be the goal or what you may receive because you achieved the goal.  Part of my personal motivation to reach for goals that seem impossible is to receive a reward for achieving the goal.  It can be something simple such as a nice dinner or a day at the beach for doing something small.  It could be something big such as a overseas trip, luxury vehicle or jewelry.  It is a matter of choice.  What is your jackpot?

Joint Partnership

Partners can help you achieve great things or stop you from achieving anything!  A good partner is worth everything.  It can be your spouse or a business partner.  I am lucky or very astute, I do not know, but I found a great partner in my wife.  Finding a good partner is emotional, illogical and reflects good or bad judgment.  Yes, I am talking about business partners and spouses.  Communication, values, emotional stability, positive attitude, integrity, maturity, judgment and confidence are just a few of the traits that help make a good partner.  A typical partnership is a joint agreement which is equal participation in a venture business or marriage.

This is the tenth article in the series about success; I expect to publish throughout 2012.  There will be twenty-six (26) of them, one for each letter of the alphabet. The 3 J’s of success are judgment, jackpot and joint partnership.  I think everyone wants success in life; business and career; however it takes a concerted effort to reach success.  The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.” Tommy Lasorda sums it up much better than I can!

I started this series because I run into so many people who have difficulty reaching success.  They want to know my secrets!  So I thought I would share them in a format that will be most helpful.  I also think this format may make it more interesting and easier to use.  My goal in these articles to provide useful and interesting information that will help you succeed.  The 3 J’s of Success is now a series.

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