The 3 A’s of Success

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The 3 A’s of Success is part of a series of articles to help you reach your goal.  What are your goals? I know you thought about it!  You know, it is your dream, wish or resolution you made!  Before you can get to where you want to be, you need to know where you are going.  You wouldn’t get on a bus, train or plane without knowing where it was going.  Simple enough or is it?

Where do I start?

When I was very young I learned how to shoot a rifle.  I was in the 4-H Club and we went to the rifle range very often.  I learned how to shoot a 22 caliber rifle at targets outside.  Shooting a rifle was fun, but I learned more than just shooting a rifle.  I learned how to operate something that was potentially dangerous with a lot of rules.  I learned I was pretty good at this because many years later I was an expert in five (5) weapons in the army.  I learned something else that helps me reach my goals.


You cannot hit a target until you aim!  Obvious, but so many people forget this elementary rule when it comes to goal setting.  The very first A of success is Aim.  The best way to aim at the target is to set goals.  The best method of goal setting is SMART goals.  What do the letters mean?  S is specific, M is measurable, A is attainable, R is realistic and T is timely.  Specific means describing the exact goal.  Who, what, where, when, which, and why will make it specific.  Measurable means you will know if you achieved the goal or not.  Attainable brings out your personal traits and skills that you need to make something you find important to happen.  Realistic means you are willing and able to reach the objective.  Timely is the time frame for the goal.


By now you are shooting at the target and either missing the target entirely or high or low on the target.  What do you do?  You adjust your efforts!  After you establish your goals, you monitor your progress and adjust your efforts to reach your goals.  When you are shooting, you look at where your shots landed and adjust you aim.  You may have to allow for wind and other elements, but you adjust your aim.  Goal setting is exactly the same.  You monitor your progress and adjust your efforts taking into account your progress.


You set your goals, monitored your progress and adjust your efforts!  Now what?  This is why adjusting your efforts is so important; you keep adjusting until you succeed!  You should achieve something and even if you don’t, keep adjusting until you do.  Successful people when they encounter failure keep trying until they succeed.  As you start to accomplish part of your goal, success adds to your motivation to keep going and achieve.  I remember going on a diet to lose some weight.  As I started to lose weight and enjoy success, it motivated me to lose additional weight.

Final Thoughts

This is the beginning of a series of articles about success; I expect to publish throughout 2012.  There will be twenty-six (26) of them, one for each letter of the alphabet.  The 3 A’s of success is my first because you cannot reach success without knowing where you are going.  Setting a goal is very important, but just picking a goal is misleading.  It should meet the criteria of SMART goals.  Many people come up with vague wishes and call them goals.  I call them wishes or dreams!  It takes more to convert a wish or dream into something that can be achieved.  I cannot hit the target, if I do not know where it is. Just identifying the goal is the first step.  Monitoring and adjusting your efforts will help you achieve your goals.

I am starting this series because I run into so many people who have difficulty reaching success.  They want to know my secrets!  So I thought I would share them in a format that will be most helpful.  I also think this format may make it more interesting and easier to use. My goal in these articles to provide useful and interesting information that will help you succeed.  The 3 A’s of Success is now a series.

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