Tell Me about Yourself?

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Tell me about yourself? Interviews always start with this question.  What does this question reveal?  This simple question tells the interviewer so much about the candidate.  How can a single question tell the interviewer so much?  You just sat down, the interviewer may be getting organized and he/she asks this important question.  What do you do?

Successful interviews do not just happen!  This is usually the number one question asked in an interview!  If you think they want your life story, you are unprepared for the interview.  What should you do?  You need to prepare for this question and other questions!  You need to write it out and practice it until it seems natural.  What should you include?

In 60 seconds or less, tell the interviewer important facts about your education, career and skills as it relates to the position.  This is your opportunity to direct the interview.  You can tell the interviewer about your best skills, accomplishments and strengths.  You should feel comfortable and enthusiastic describing your skills or accomplishments.  Describe your very best three or four of your accomplishments or skills as it relate to the job.

If you read my article “Can you tell a Story or a Joke” you know that communication in the form of a story is important.  How well you can tell your story will determine success or not.  Interviewers love to ask open ended questions to learn about your judgment, decision making process or your communication skills.  Can you answer the question persuasively marketing your skills to show you can perform the job?

He interviewer is listening and watching how you handle the question.  Are you confident or nervous?  Are you smiling, focused, articulate and natural.  What should you watch for?  Are you connecting with the interviewer?  Are you answering the question?  If you are not, you may have to change what you say.  You must be able to think during this process not just memorize a statement and parrot it back.

Remember, the interviewer is watching you!  Are you leaning forward n your chair?  That shows you are interested.  Are you looking into the interviewers eyes?  That shows that there is no deception.  If you cannot maintain eye contact, you are not being truthful.  They are listening for how you express yourself, choice of words, and enthusiasm.  How do you speak?  Interviewers realize you may be nervous, but you should be able to communicate your skills.

Many interviews are filled with unstructured questions to see how you will react.  Some interviewers will go so far to say there is no right or wrong answer.  Watch out!  Your goal in an interview is to make the cut.  To make the cut, you need to connect with the interviewer.  One of the best ways for you to connect is to figure out what they wanted in skills for the job and respond with your best shot.  This is why your 60 second commercial is so important.

Graduation from high school, college or summertime, many young people are looking for summer jobs, career jobs or switching jobs.  The first few minutes of an interview is very important and the first question will set the tone of the interview.  This is why you need to prepare for this all important question.  Remember, you must take an inventory of your skills and how they fit with the job.  Practice it enough so it is natural and convincing.  Good luck in your job search.  Tell me about yourself?

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