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Stretching your Money

Post image for Start Thinking Outside the Box!

Thinking outside the box is one of those metaphors that really need explanation. Thinking outside the box means to think differently, unconventionally or a new perspective. Some business consultants challenged their clients to solve a “nine dots” puzzle which required a creative solution. Often we are caught up with rules or conventions to solve problems versus thinking creatively.  Read More…


Post image for The Odds Are Against You!

The odds are against you to be successful. 78% of NFL players end up broke! How many people can even say they were a professional athlete? The odds are against you to make it to that level. The odds are against you to be an Olympic athlete too. The median United States household income is $46,326. Half of the families are living on incomes less and the other half exceeds this amount.  Read More…


Second Chances

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Should people get second chances? Americans love comebacks, isn’t that a second chance? Every time you make a change, big or small is getting a second chance. What does the term second chance mean to you? If you are doing anything, you will make mistakes. If you get another chance at success, is it a second chance? Second chances are called do over, another shot, second shot, another take, take two, to just name a few. Read More…


Post image for Personal Finance Education Is the Key to Happiness

Learning about personal finance is the basis for success! If you are looking for a class at your local high school or community college, you will probably be disappointed. Online classes are somewhat limited although there are many books written about the subject. You can find such diverse subjects online as accounting, corporate finance or other college business classes. Does it mean that there is no demand for it?  Read More…


Post image for Get Rich as an Employee!

Are CEO’s the only ones who get rich working for someone else? No, there are many millionaires who are lucky enough to work in the technology industry. Are they the only ones? There are many more who are part of the IPO (Initial public offering) when a company goes public. There are still more who go to work in certain industries that do very well too. Read More…


Post image for Cash is not an investment

If you have an expectation of growth in your investment, forget cash! I am referring to cash investments such as money market accounts, interest bearing checking accounts, savings and certificates of deposits. It is merely a parking space for short term savings! Investing is expending money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property or by using it to develop a commercial venture. Where is your cash? Read More…


Post image for Should I Buy, Rent a Home or Just Do Nothing?

Buy or rent a home is suddenly a question for me! My plan was always to move one last time to a single level home as I age and can no longer navigate two flights of stairs. I thought this decision would be far in the future because I am a healthy and very active adult (almost 68 years old). So what changed? Interest rates are low and home prices in southern California are not going down! I need to make a choice! Read More…


Post image for Leveraging Your Investment in Videoconferencing

It is no secret that technology has forever changed the way people interact, play, and work. Businesses in particular have benefited tremendously from embracing technological improvements: videoconferencing solutions are no exception. Studies show 80% of American workers prefers to telecommute to their job. Companies who recognize this and offer this option soon leapfrog competitors.  Read More…


Post image for Don’t Envy the Rich!

The rich are different from you and me. (F. Scott Fitzgerald) Yes, they have more money. (Ernest Hemingway)  “They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, it makes them soft where we are hard and cynical where we are trustful in a way that unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.” (F. Scott Fitzgerald) Yes, the rich are different from you and me, they have more problems! Read More…


Post image for How to Cope with Change

Change is inevitable! Recently, my wife and I went to New York for my sister in law’s birthday party. Since we live in Los Angeles, we had to get airline tickets, make arrangements for the dog and find a way to the airport. No big deal, we cashed in miles, our children watched the dog and we drove to the airport. If it were only that easy! You have to deal with all the possibilities and some you never thought of! Read More…