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Stretching your Money

Post image for Krantcents Is Changing Again!

I am changing again! I am returning to publishing three times (Monday, Wednesday Friday) a week beginning April 14th.  Change does not stop there, I am returning to a personal finance focus! “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” (Confucius)  What changes have you made in your career, business or personal life to reach your goal? Read More…


Post image for How I live on 50% or less income!

I used to think it was crazy to live on 50% or less income! Here are just some of my cost cutting strategies.  Some people would call me cheap or frugal!  I think of myself as value conscious!  I hate to spend money unless I see the value.  If you maximize your expenses, you will have more money to spend on what you want! My approach may cause you to rethink how you spend your money! Read More…


Post image for Ten Small Changes that Can Make Millions

Ten small changes can make millions. Saving for your retirement can be impossible unless you know what to do.  Putting money into a 401K is a no brainer, but where do you find the money?  You can start with a diary of where you spend your money and find expenses to change.  Small changes in your spending can achieve $1-2,000,000 over your lifetime. Read More…


How to Get Rich?

by Krantcents · 21 comments

Post image for How to Get Rich?

How to get rich? “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me!” (Steve Jobs) In an interview, Steve Jobs said his goals in life were never to make a lot of money; instead he wanted to leave the world a better place. I know money is important, but at what price? How much money is enough? Does money really make you happy? Everyone wants it, but few know to get it!

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Post image for Budgets and Diets Are a Waste of Time – Redux!

Budgets and diets are a waste of time!  Most, if not all personal finance (PF) bloggers are probably surprised I would say that.  A budget or diet is not the answer for overspending or overeating.   If these things worked for everyone, there would be no debt or overweight people.  A budget or diet is intended to help us reach a financial or personal goal.  Do budgets or diets even work? Read More…

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Post image for Simple Steps to Buying a Quality Surround Sound System for Your Living Room

Although the factory speakers that came with your high-definition television are somewhat sufficient and acceptable, they simply don’t provide you with the booming bass and overall surround sound experience that you anticipated having within your home when you first purchased the HD TV. Fortunately, there are several simple steps that you can take in order to drastically change this, by purchasing a high-quality surround system to complement your high-definition equipment. Read More…

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Post image for Do Something Extraordinary!

Extraordinary is defined as going beyond the usual, regular or customary. This time of year, you make resolutions, plans, goals or changes. Diets, exercise, spending habits, changing careers or possibly starting a business may be some of your goals. Making changes are not just getting rid of bad habits or routines! Turn your habits and routines upside down do something extraordinary!   Read More…

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Post image for How to Have A Frugal Valentine’s Day without being Cheap!

Valentine’s Day is a pressure filled time for men. For some, it is a celebration of romance and love, but there is pressure to do something special for their someone in their lives. Doing something special usually means, flowers, dinner, candy or some special gift. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on meaningless things or experiences! Celebrating Valentine’s Day does not have to cost a fortune!  Read More…

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Post image for Insurance is for the Unplannable, Unpreventable and Unforeseeable!

There is always something that is unplannable, unpreventable and unforeseeable! That is why you have insurance. If you knew when you would have an accident, predict a serious illness or just knew when you needed insurance, you could get it just before you needed it. What do you do? You get insurance at the best possible cost and limits before you need it. What can you do to keep your premiums low? Read More…

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Post image for Attitude Is Everything!

Attitude is everything! If you think you will succeed, you will. “If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way.” (Henry Ford) If you want to make a change, you should start with attitude! If you do not believe you will succeed, you will not. This is the time of year when we set goals or make resolutions to change something in your lives. Why attitude is everything? Read More…

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