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Post image for How to Prepare for a Lunch Interview?

How to prepare for a lunch interview? You made it through your first interview!  Your second interview is over lunch with your perspective new boss.  It is at a great restaurant near their office and you have been there before.  What do you need to know?  What will the employer look for? Remember, you are not there for the food! You need to answer questions and not embarrass yourself!. Read More…


Post image for Are You Networking during the Holidays?

Holiday Networking are you crazy? It is the holidays and it should be enjoyable! You are probably invited to parties where you can make connections and make next year better for your career. Whether you are happy with your career or need a change, make the most of this holiday season networking opportunities. Read More…


How to Land a Job?

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Post image for How to Land a Job?

How to land a job? It could be you or someone you know who is looking for a job.  Are you looking for summer employment, a part time job, a full time job or a career position?  You may be young, old or just in the middle, it does not matter!  What are companies looking for? Experience, skills, problem solvers or super stars? If you just graduated, you can still find a job! What should you do? Read More…

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Post image for How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

You can prepare for tough interview questions! Have you ever been in an interview and the interviewer asks you an off the wall question to see how you think?  Every interview should have these questions and the good ones always do!  Interviews are opportunities for the employer to learn about you and you should demonstrate your skills  you are the right person.  How do you prepare for them? Read More…

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Post image for My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions – Half Year Update

It is time to update my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions! Many people believe that making resolutions public will hold you more accountable. I do not believe that because I always hold myself accountable for my actions. This year, I made my resolutions more persona and more important to me.  Now it is time to show my progress and see how I am doing. What are you doing about your New Year’s Resolutions? Read More…

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Post image for 7 of the Best Paying Jobs You Can Receive With An Online Education

Reaching your financial goals is tough if you don’t have a strong, steady income stream. And that’s even harder to achieve if you don’t have the proper degree to help you land a decent job. But how can you go to school when you’re busy working? Luckily online schooling has opened the doors to expand your career opportunities, and a lot of these programs can lead to high-paying jobs. Check out these high-paying fields you can get into with an online education. Read More…

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Post image for How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Have you ever thought of using social media to find a job? You can use social media to advertise, demonstrate your skills, accomplishments, values and professionalism in an interesting creative way. Use social media to extend your network and turn it into a targeted campaign to make connections. Social media is just one part of your job search campaign. What is your strategy to find a job?  Read More…

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Post image for How to Get a University Level Education for Free

A lot of people are fortunate enough to be able to afford to go to University. Those who are, often end up saddled with student loans & debt that’s next to impossible to pay down and often daunting. Even though I make well above the average American wage I’m still deep in student loan debt. Read More…

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Post image for Congratulations Class of 2014, Now What?

Congratulations class of 2014!  Four years or more of hard work has gotten you here.  Alright, maybe it wasn’t all hard work; you enjoyed college, joined a fraternity or sorority, participated in sports, joined clubs or organizations, enjoyed a party or two and had a good time.  Now you have to start acting like an adult and get a job, move out on your own and support yourself.  What should you do? Read More…

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Post image for How to Start Over Again

“It is never too late to start over!” (Lynne Gentry)  Sometimes you need to start over because of job loss, divorce or change in career. Sometimes you need to start over in a new direction or just make some changes. Change is difficult, but necessary when you realize something is no longer working or never worked at all.  What are you going to do? Do you have a plan? Read More…

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