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Post image for How to Change Careers

Changing careers is not easy! Start at the beginning and take the time to do it right! Either you plan change or you face change because you lose your job! What should you do? There is a lot of advice out there! After all everyone has an opinion and they will share it with you. They are well meaning, but it is your choice. It is your life and do not become a victim! Read More…


Post image for Networking Still Works Well!

Is networking over for job seekers? A few years ago, I read an article called ”Has Networking Become a Waste of Time for Job Seekers” on discussing the new way of networking.  Each year new college graduates enter the job market. What should they do to get their first professional job?  Social media or face to face networking? Read More…


Post image for Have you Broken your New Year’s Resolutions Yet?

Have you Broken New Years Resolutions yet?  I know, it is only the twentieth (20)  of February, but who’s counting?  It is way too soon for you to give up!  Am I right or wrong?  Your resolutions are still too fresh in your mind to quit this early.  So this year, you will succeed.  Don’t you want to achieve your goal?  Whether it is a financial, personal, or a business goal, maybe, I can help. Read More…


Post image for How to Buy Investment Property

Finding a good investment property is no easy task!   Many people buy a home to raise a family, a hedge against inflation or flip and make a quick profit.  There are still others who buy homes as an alternative to investing in the stock market.  It may be a vacation home or a rental property, but it is still an investment!  If you want to find a good investment property, you need to know what to look for in a property.   Read More…


Is Your Best Enough?

by Krantcents · 6 comments

Post image for Is Your Best Enough?

I remember my parents telling me to do your best!   Everyone can try to do their best.  Too often, something prevents us.  It could be lack of skills, experience or effort.  Too often your past prevents you from success.  If you do not have the skills to succeed and fail constantly, you are unlikely to keep trying.  Next step is giving up or failure.  What are going to do? Read More…


Post image for Ways Mobile Phones Can Help Manage Expenses

Have you looked at the apps available for smartphones lately? There are apps that can do everything from turn lights on and off in your house to compiling a grocery list for preparation of your favorite meal. It only makes sense that in the sea of apps, there is also a plethora of applications that can help track finances. Read More…


Post image for The Road to Excellence

Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and surpasses ordinary standards.  According to Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”  Old habits are hard to break and new habits are difficult to form.  Habits can either benefit or hurt the goals you set for yourself.  How are your habits?  Do they help you reach your goals? Read More…


Post image for Are You Rich or Just acting Rich?

Are you rich or just acting rich? I know all your friends are spending the summer in the Hamptons and you just want to fit in or maybe you are trying to impress your girl. Whatever the reason, you do not have the break the bank to look wealthy and it is not what you think anyway. They tend to dress in classic clothes. They dress for comfort!

Read More…


Post image for What is the Secret of Success?

What is the secret of success?  Simple enough or is it?  Then, why do so many people have difficulty answering the question?  There is an implication that if you say no that you are a failure.  So what!  In order to succeed, you have to fail.  All successful people failed at one time or another.  What makes them successful is they kept trying to succeed. Read More…


Post image for Spend Less, but Spend Better

Can you spend less? Of course you can without affecting your standard of living. It is simple to spend less; you just cut your expenses. Just make some small changes to your spending and still have the same or better standard of living. All it takes is changing your priorities and a little planning. Are you interested? Let’s go through each step together and make some changes. Read More…