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Who else should interview me than me! The self interview is a writing exercise using a question as a strategy for reflection. Something I do often as I get older. It may be a recurring article format if you like the results. I am using it to share ideas, strategies and motivation in an effort to reveal more of myself. I will pick some issues, problems or outcomes that I think you may find interesting. Read More…


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Buying income property is one of the best ways to reach your financial goals!.  Income property is investment property bought or developed to earn income through renting, leasing or price appreciation.  This can be a condominium, townhouse, home, apartment building, industrial property or commercial office building.  Have you ever thought about buying income property?  Read More…


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This is National Financial Literacy Month! It is time to take control of your finances. Decide today, that you are responsible for your financial future, make better financial decisions, differentiate between wants and needs, get out of debt, start a savings account, track your expenses, start budgeting, set and achieve goals. If you are happy with your situation, don’t change! If not, read on. Read More…


Post image for How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

Everyone says money!  How much is enough to take care of you for the rest of your life?  Do you have a number?  Does it cover inflation, medical insurance and all your  “needs” and your “wants”?  Fidelity says you should have at least 8 times your ending salary! Whatever you think, you need to add ten percent!  Why?  You probably underestimated how long you may live. Read More…


Post image for Diversify your Portfolio to Reach your Financial Goals

In finance, you should diversify your investment portfolio by reducing risk by investing in a variety of assets. Typically, this means asset allocationAsset allocation is an investment strategy to balance risk and reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in an investment portfolio according to your risk tolerance, goals and time frame. Are you diversified? Read More…


Post image for Krantcents Is Changing Again!

I am changing again! I am returning to publishing three times (Monday, Wednesday Friday) a week beginning April 14th.  Change does not stop there, I am returning to a personal finance focus! “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” (Confucius)  What changes have you made in your career, business or personal life to reach your goal? Read More…


Post image for How I live on 50% or less income!

I used to think it was crazy to live on 50% or less income! Here are just some of my cost cutting strategies.  Some people would call me cheap or frugal!  I think of myself as value conscious!  I hate to spend money unless I see the value.  If you maximize your expenses, you will have more money to spend on what you want! My approach may cause you to rethink how you spend your money! Read More…


Post image for Why You Will Never Be Rich!

Getting rich is not that hard, all you need is a goal and a plan. The problem with most people is they never establish the goal! It does not mean they do not want to be rich or successful, but they just keep doing what they have been doing. If you never experienced success, change is difficult! It starts with recognizing what real success looks like. What changes are you willing to make? Read More…


Post image for How to Plan your Future?

If you want to accomplish something in life, you need a plan! In order to have a successful future, you need a ten (10) year plan! It is not just something that comes up during an interview! Successful people plan ahead and you should too. It is one of the reasons it comes up in interviews. It is a great way to improve your performance, productivity, avoid pitfalls and solve problems. What are you doing? Read More…


How to Get Rich?

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How to get rich? “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me!” (Steve Jobs) In an interview, Steve Jobs said his goals in life were never to make a lot of money; instead he wanted to leave the world a better place. I know money is important, but at what price? How much money is enough? Does money really make you happy? Everyone wants it, but few know to get it!

Read More…

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