Second Chances

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Should people get second chances? Americans love comebacks, isn’t that a second chance? Every time you make a change, big or small is getting a second chance. What does the term second chance mean to you? If you are doing anything, you will make mistakes. If you get another chance at success, is it a second chance? Second chances are called do over, another shot, second shot, another take, take two, to just name a few.

Second chances range from individuals with school dropouts, bad credit, felons, bankruptcy, adoption, failed businesses, relationships to name just a few to start the conversation. It is almost automatic to give you another opportunity to fix it! I think life would be very different if you only had one chance to achieve the goal. What if you failed a class and could not take it over? It might significantly change education. Only the most serious students would become educated.

There are cultures or countries where only the most elite get into university. It creates a class system where less people have access to certain careers or jobs. How do they do it? They have competitive testing to get into university and only the brightest and best go to university. Although we have a testing system, we also include non test data to select students. More importantly, there are alternatives such as community college and you can transfer to a four (4) year university.

If you have bad credit, should you have a chance to fix it? Of course, you should! Maybe you learned from your mistakes and took steps to avoid the same pitfalls. There is a whole industry to support and sometimes destroy your second chance. Secured credit cards, higher interest loans can help subprime borrowers to re-establish their credit. This is a good way to re-establish credit when you need a loan to buy something. Payday loans or excessively high interest loans that can destroy the borrower too.

What if ex-convicts could not get a job? They probably would commit a new crime just to survive. Some do even if they have a job. The ability to support them is necessary to stay out of prison. This is a long standing dilemma because society may want to give second chances; we do not want the ex-convict in our own community. Usually, the people who are convicted of serious crimes are undereducated and do not have employable skills. Perhaps, we should focus on education to resolve crime.

Bankruptcy is the result of making financial mistakes. If you make enough of them, you file for bankruptcy protection. Some of you may criticize the system, but bankruptcy is not a reward for bad behavior! It is a red flag to change your behavior or expect to file for bankruptcy again. Bankruptcy wipes out most debt, but it also decimates assets too. If you are in financial trouble, you may consider bankruptcy, but you should take control of your spending first. Bankruptcy affects your credit score!

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting for another and, in so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities, along with filiations from the biological parent or parents. It serves the needs of homeless, neglected, abused and runaway children. It also helps unwanted pets too. It is a way of giving a second chance for children and pets. It also helps couples who cannot have children. Just short of adoption is fostering children which are another way to provide a second chance for children.

Everyone wants to start businesses or be self employed. Unfortunately, many businesses fail. Some individuals and companies buy existing business that are in trouble or mismanaged and turn them around. Often, you can find distressed businesses for low prices. You are taking a risk, but it may be rewarding later. Foreclosed homes are another example of a failed business. It is similar to buying stock when everyone is selling; you see some value at a certain price.

Final thoughts

America is a country of second chances! We embrace immigrants and love comeback stories. Fallen stars, politicians or celebrities who work their way back are rewarded for their effort. It makes for an interesting story and society seems to embrace their effort too. Making mistake sis just part of doing something, but you have second, third, fourth and even more chances to fix things. It is up to you! Should people get second chances?

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