Road to Riches!

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Road to Riches can be a bumpy ride!  Maybe you had a paper route, lemonade stand, sold Girl Scout cookies or some other money making activity as a kid.  If you had an early interest in making money, you probably are likely to start a business.   Although 50% of everyone has a net worth of less than $10,000, a select few are worth more than a million dollars!  How do you match up?

Road to Riches: Tracking the Journey of the Global Superwealthy


There is something to learn from these statistics!  Two of the richest people in the world do not live in these areas at all!  Warren Buffett lives in Omaha , Nebraska and Bill Gates lives in the Seattle Washington area.  Wealth or superwealth is not limited to New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.  It can be anywhere and it can be you!  The road to riches is anywhere!  What is stopping you from success?

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