Protecting your home when on holiday: top tips

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Whatever kind of neighborhood you live in, you will want to protect your home while you are away from it. Should you be embarking on a big holiday in the coming weeks and months and you find yourself away from the house for two weeks or more, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that things are exactly the same as you left them when you get back from your jollies.

You must remember that if you have a policy of Castle Cover house insurance or an alternative from another company, this will cover a home while it is unoccupied. However, all of these policies will have restrictions if the home is unoccupied for longer than a specified period of time. This threshold is around 30 days, though it varies between policies. Make sure you sit down to review your contract prior to leaving to make sure you can claim should something go awry.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of other things you can do to protect your home from problems while you are having fun either in or out of the country. With these other short, sharp tips, you’ll avoid the major pitfalls that people often fall into.

Firstly, leave a key with a friend, neighbor or relative so they can check in on your home. It also means they can water the plants and even look after a pet in your absence. While it’s quite wasteful to leave lights on at all times, it’s worth investing in timer switches to put the lights on at different times while you’re gone.

It’s an obvious point to make, but it’s still important: all doors and windows must be closed and locked, then double-checked before you go. If you can also lower the volume on your telephone, do that too – an unanswered phone is always a good sign that a house is unoccupied.

Valuables should always be hidden in a box in the loft, among old clothes or even under a bed. This means that if smash-and-grab burglars make a bid to steal things in a short space of time, they will overlook the real riches.

Finally, cancel any newspapers and milk if they are delivered to your door; these are practically a beacon marking out an unmanned house. By testing all security systems are working and operational before you leave, you’ll also give yourself that extra line of defense.

In addition to these tips Herts Police has put together some great crime prevention advice that you might find helpful. Don’t leave anything to chance – think about things carefully and you’ll have a comfortable and relaxing holiday that you deserve.

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