Happy Holidays

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The holidays are family time.  Holidays in many parts of the world means vacation.  In my former (CFO) career, the end of year was the busiest.  When I worked in the electronics/computer industry, the week between Christmas and New Years was a company shutdown.  In other words, we had paid time off, except I generally worked some days to prepare for year end.  As a teacher, this is vacation time! Read More…

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Plan the End!

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Plan the end is not doing funeral arrangements, although I have thought of writing my own eulogy.  Perhaps, that is a little too controlling!  Would you buy an airline ticket without knowing the destination?  Would you get on a bus, if you did not know where it was going?  Many young people enter college for all the wrong reasons.  Some day you will want to retire and you need to plan for it. Read More…

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Progress is forward movement toward a destination or goal.  In education, changes are made often and the results are mixed!  Have test scores increased from the changes?  If they did, that would be progress.  We need progress in everything we do.  Business and your personal life are based on achieving goals.  How can you become more effective? Read More…

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If your soft skills are not up to snuff, you better work on them! If you are a doctor, dentist or surgeon, your technical skills could mean life or death!  Does it matter, if these individuals treat you well?  Soft skills are personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. Read More…

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Is college worth it?  You would expect a high return on investment (ROI), if you attended Harvard, Yale or MIT. Even if you received a devry university computer degree.  A lot of families are thinking about this question, whether you are a high school senior or just graduated.   Finding a job in this economy is tough and paying off student loans are tougher without a job.   Is college worth it?

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Nearly half of Americans will be broke in retirement!  They will rely solely on Social Security to support themselves.   What if Social Security changes and how will you survive the changes?  How do you see your retirement?  Do you have enough savings for a comfortable retirement?  Will you live off of Social Security or keep working?  What will you do? Read More…

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There are so many simple money saving tips around that even your mother could remind you to do. Things like ‘turn off the TV at the switch’, ‘check the taps and showers don’t leak’ among others. We have compiled a list of some of the best and most awesome money saving tips that you can do at home.

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Post image for What Is a Progress Report and Why Is It Important?

A progress report is a report of work accomplished during a specific time period.  Simple enough, but how often do you reflect on your progress?  Although I monitor my progress and adjust my efforts often, I very rarely prepare a report.  Just recording your progress is not enough to accomplish your goals either. Does your progress report include an action plan?  What do you do? Read More…

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Good Enough!

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The principle of good enough (POGE) only works for software!  It is a rule for software and systems design which favors quick and simple design because it evolves as needed based on user requirements.  I sometimes hear my students say they have good grades until I question them.  It turns out it was just good enough!  When does good enough make sense for you? Read More…

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Banking Your Way

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How would like to design your own bank?  Union Bank startedBanking By Designwhich allows customers to design checking accounts to meet their needs. You can pick from numerous options, some cost just a few dollars and others are free.  New and existing customers can choose the services they want and lower their costs.  Imagine that you just pay for what you want?  Do I have your attention? Read More…

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