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Shopping for homeowners insurance is a necessity particularly where I live.  I live in southern California where the next big earthquake is days/weeks/months/years away!   A natural disaster that can wipe you out financially!.  I survived the Northridge earthquake without damage, but that was just luck.  California has a 99% chance of a big earthquake within thirty (30) years. Read More…

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If you have been finding it increasingly difficult to pay the bills or have sudden expenses that have pushed you into further debt, it’s time to start thinking about your financial options. One solution is to meet with experts at a firm such as Lombard Odier in order to restructure your assets and receive legal or tax advice. Homeowners also have the option of refinancing their mortgage loan. This is a method of paying off your existing home loan, and replacing it with a new loan. There are a number of benefits associated with refinancing, including the following factors. Read More…

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Words are powerful!  In this high tech environment we can communicate around the world in seconds.  With all the mobile devices, we can communicate anywhere and anytime.  You can send pictures, videos and words to relatives or post it on a website.  We take millions of pictures and share them with our friends.  Yet, we do not communicate any better than 100 years ago.  It is just a lot faster!  Read More…

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Marketing Your Home

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Marketing your home requires descriptive words.  Words should positively describe your home.  When you have a small back yard, we call it low maintenance.  When the kitchen is small, we call it efficient.  When the home is small, we call it cozy.  When the home is cheap, we call it a starter home.  Your choice of words is more important than reality.  Words describe your home and this is how we market homes. Read More…

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Do Your Best!

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I remember my parents telling me to do your best!   Everyone can try to do their best.  Too often, something prevents us.  It could be lack of skills, experience or effort.  Too often your past prevents you from success.  If you do not have the skills to succeed and fail constantly, you are unlikely to keep trying.  Next step is giving up or failure.  What are going to do? Read More…

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What do you do when the unexpected happens?  Things happen and you cannot do much about it.  You cannot plan for every expense, but you can plan for the unexpected!  You can set aside savings for the unexpected as an emergency fund.  Things happen such as illness or your car breaks down.  You probably have some savings, but not enough.  If you don’t, what can you do? Read More…

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Post image for Why Your Personal Image Matters!

Your personal image is important; it is what people think about you!  Companies and some public figures use public relations firms to build or reinforce their personal image.  The aim of a public relations firm is to persuade the public of a certain point of view for their client.  Your personal image affects your success in your career, personal life and public life.  Personal image does matter! Read More…

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Post image for 5 Things Financially to Think about If You Move Abroad

I have been watching travel shows lately and thinking I would love to live overseas.  I am not talking about permanently, but maybe a few months or years at a time.  I would love to find an inexpensive or reasonable place central in Europe where I could travel around.  I could learn languages, learn about different cultures or just eat my way across Europe. Read More…

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Savings is the key to success!  I am not just talking about saving for retirement either!  When I was much younger, I remember saving for the things I wanted because my parents gave me everything I needed.  Most kids save for their first car, college, first house, getting married, vacations, major purchases and retirement.  Everyone should have savings for emergencies and other unexpected expenses.  Do you have a savings target? Read More…

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I am taking a hard look at refinancing again!  I know you think I am late to the party, but Au Contraire Mon Ami.   My mortgage balance (approx $60K) is so small that I am penalized when I refinance.  Banks are not exactly thrilled with me.  That is okay, I am not exactly thrilled with them.  I am used to being wined and dined by bankers with perks or rewards! Read More…

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