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24/7 and no matter where I am, my show is always on. It doesn’t end there; every form of entertainment is available no matter where you are.  Access to information is no longer limited to a desktop or a specific location. It is no surprise that we are mobile and have access to a lot of information.  You can do almost anything, but what do you do?  What does this all mean?

Work or entertainment is no longer limited to a particular location.  This is not news, we are aware of this evolution of technology.  Why is it significant?  It affects are daily lives!  There are a great many of you who only communicate using voice on cellular phones, but you are in the minority.  There are many more who text, email instant message, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and use social media to communicate.  Playing games, getting directions, special applications (iPhone or Android apps) or something else, but you are barely grazing the surface.

You have access to more information than your neighborhood library or even the library of Congress.  You have access to museums, companies, experts and so much more.  What do you do?  Play games email or just look at your bank account?  If you can master just some of the information on the internet, you would be rich.  You could sell services to companies and individuals to create websites, create networks or other technological wonders.  You can start a business on the internet and make money running your business.

What are you doing?  The internet made everything convenient and technology made it mobile.  You get to use the information wherever you are!  What do you do?  You are watching movies, TV shows, YouTube or Comedy Central.  There is nothing wrong with these entertainment options, but it should not take up all your time.  What are you doing to make yourself more effective in your career?  When I was very young I was reading biographies of famous successful people to learn about them.

You have access to much more information and you don’t even know what to do with it.  You are playing Farmville or watching some viral video.  You can make videos, apply for jobs, learn about new career options or about your own career, you can network with business and social colleagues and learn new skills in a foreign language.  The internet is so much larger than just that.  I can research in any language and translate it in seconds.  If I can create a question, I can find the answer!

It is really that easy, but what do you do?  Do you take advantage of these resources?  I know I use the internet as a resource for information.  I use the internet to provide ideas for articles, shopping, learning about various products and other pieces of information.  Have you thought about taking classes online?  There are free classes from MIT, you can take.  You do not receive college credit, but knowledge is powerful.  Having access to MIT, may mean learning about new information that could help you make money.

Every day, something new occurs such as electronic books you may be able to use for information or use for a business idea.  Maybe you make book covers or personal diaries and could develop a cover for the iPad, Kindle or some other mobile device.  The list is growing and you are missing out.  What are you waiting for?  Are you either using the internet to make money or find information that is helping you in your career?  The resource is unlimited!  I learned about my family name and how it dates back to the 1500s and it means newspaper in Dutch.  Will that make me money?  No, but it gives me insight and confidence to pursue a writing and publishing website.

Final Thoughts

What does this all mean?  There is so much out there and the majority of us never even make a dent.  We all have access, but we do not even use it.  Am I telling you to forget movies, games or checking your bank account?  Of course not, but don’t stop there.  Start to use the information and make your life better.  Earn more money or enrich your life.  Read a book or an article or learn something through an online class.  I would love you to come back and read one of my articles on my website again.  We have all this free information and we don’t even use it.  It is a little like having the keys to the kingdom and doing nothing.  My show is always on and that is all I am doing!

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