Men, Women and Money

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Money, what is it?  Would it surprise you to learn men and women view money differently?  The standard definition for money is any object or record, that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socioeconomic context.  Men and women spend and invest money differently!  Why?

Whether you are a man or woman, many people have problems with money.  Do you think the problems are gender specific?  Money problems have destroyed many marriages.  Women spend money on things that enhance day-to-day living.  Men invest in things that hold value.  The difference is in orientation, women spend now versus men who spend for the future.  Before you skewer me for labeling your spending realize everyone can do better.  There are huge industries that market directly to women to spend their money on clothes, beauty products, etc to just look more attractive.  Men spend on things that hold value or fix things.

Men and women treat credit differently too! Men and women carry the same amount of consumer debt, but accumulate it for different reasons.  When men are dating, they want to show their mate that they can impress them with money.  Men save less, and spend more than they earn to impress a mate using credit.  Women spend to attract men by buying attractive clothes, beauty products and services.  Is it really this black and white?  Of course not, there are shades of gray too.

Many of the differences are subtle!  Women save money for the unforeseen emergency and men save for the future by investing.  Women are more cautious when they invest, men take investment risks.  Women generally earn less than men, so they are dependent upon men financially.  Women are more concerned with their families’ immediate needs and maintaining a particular lifestyle.  Men see their role as a provider and focus on providing for the future.

Men and women think differently when looking for a mate.  Men, particularly rich men go for beauty.  Beautiful women generally look for security which usually means wealth.  Women are less concerned about looks.  How does money enter into this?  Men, rich or poor will always go for looks.  Rich men are more successful because women want the security money provides them.  Do men look for rich successful women as mates?  I am sure some do.  It helps if they offer something to the woman such as looks or is younger.  Is this the cougar effect?

When an older man marries a younger beautiful woman, we call him rich!  In spite of these differences, we find our mates and marry.  Although 50% of all marriages end in divorce, an equal amount succeeds.  Men and women need to understand these differences and work together to take care the present and the future.  Women live longer than men!  Since couples fight about money more than anything else, it is important to understand each other.  Financial security should be important to men and women.  How do you handle your finances?

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