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Managing Money

Post image for Pay As You Drive Insurance

Are you a safe driver?  Would you like your insurance premium based on how you drive?  If you answer yes, do you speed or drive while using your cell phone, or text or driving drunk?  Well I hope not!  Are you willing to have an electronic monitor installed in your car?  Pay as you drive insurance currently just monitors the number of miles driven.  Will it stop there? Read More…

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What is Credit Sesame? Money has fascinated me my entire life.  My career focused on controlling expenses for public and private companies.  As an entrepreneur, I concentrated on finding and building assets such as income property, consulting services and businesses.  Taking control of your financial matters was important for success.  “Credit Sesame helps take control of your finances by monitoring your credit score, loans and debt all in one place.” Read More…

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Post image for Have Your Dream Wedding at McDonald’s

Have your dream wedding at McDonald’s.  Is that a dream or nightmare?  If you are planning a wedding, where you have the ceremony and reception  is important. Right?  June starts the beginning of wedding season, so I thought it would be interesting to discuss your choices and maybe add one to the mix!  How many of you ever thought planning a wedding at McDonalds?  Perhaps, no one!  I know some people go to Las Vegas and have an Elvis impersonator marry them or a more traditional wedding in one of their chapels.  The possibilities are endless! Read More…

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Insure with Friends

by Krantcents · 27 comments

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Insure with friends. Groupon and Living Social are already capitalizing on social media.  They offer deals or handpicked experiences that can be shared with friends.  You can use your social network to get lower prices for services.  This could be the new trend in business. Read More…

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Post image for 10 Changes Can Make Millions

10 changes can make millions. Saving for your retirement can be impossible unless you know what to do.  Putting money into a 401K is a no brainer, but where do you find the money?  You can start with a diary of where you spend your money and find expenses to change.  Small changes in your spending can achieve $1-2,000,000 over your lifetime. Read More…

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Post image for 5 Important Financial Skills

As part of National Financial Literacy Month, learn how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits.  The following are the most important skills that everyone should learn: Read More…

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Cash or Credit?

by Krantcents · 45 comments

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Cash or Credit? It is one of the most fundamental questions, you are asked when making a purchase at a store.  You could pay with cash or use your debit card; most businesses treat either as cash.  Using your credit card may give you a cash rebate, frequent flier miles or points to be used for flights or merchandise.  It is your choice or is it? Read More…

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Post image for Inside a Millionaire’s Mind

What do you think when you hear the word millionaire?  If you are a millionaire, you must have a big house, fancy cars and lots of money!  You may be surprised to find out that the vast majority of millionaires are just like you and me.  They work hard, live modestly and struggle like the rest of us with money. Read More…

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Post image for Rewards for Paying Off Credit Card Debt?

I recently read an article called Win Rewards for Paying Off Debt in Kiplinger magazine.  The author writes about several credit cards that offer incentives to pay on time.  They encourage frugal behavior!  Let me translate for you, the credit card companies pay you to pay them on time.  Why would they do that?  What is in it for them?  I always thought they only wanted the minimum payment so they could charge interest rates of 18-24% on the balance. Read More…

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Financing My Dream?

by Krantcents · 22 comments

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I recently read an article on about some organic farmers who wanted to expand their farming business, but it meant taking on bank debt.  Courtney Lowery Cowgill and her husband had a small organic farm specializing in vegetables, turkeys and ancient heritage grains in Conrad, Montana. Read More…

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