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Managing Money

Post image for Insurance is for the Unplannable, Unpreventable and Unforeseeable!

There is always something that is unplannable, unpreventable and unforeseeable! That is why you have insurance. If you knew when you would have an accident, predict a serious illness or just knew when you needed insurance, you could get it just before you needed it. What do you do? You get insurance at the best possible cost and limits before you need it. What can you do to keep your premiums low? Read More…

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Post image for 3 Ways to Make Cents of HVAC Maintenance

There aren’t many bills as dependent on our habits and know-how as our energy bills. The first step in reducing your energy costs is to address the equipment that we use to control the climate in our house − since they can also take control of our energy bills if left poorly maintained. That being said, it leaves me scratching my head when I hear comments about how all HVAC maintenance should be left to licensed technicians and the most extreme DIY purists. Read More…

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Post image for Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

When does your bank call you and offer to refinance your mortgage for a lower rate?  Until last week, I would have answered, never!  I have a fixed rate mortgage that I am paying off it off in four (4) years why should I refinance?  The bank offered to lower the interest rate and pick up all the costs.  Refinancing a mortgage at a lower interest rate isn’t always the right decision.  What should I do? Read More…

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Post image for How is your Retirement Savings?

Do you have enough saved for retirement?  It should be no surprise than too many Americans have not put enough aside for retirement.  So much has been written about baby boomers and retirement, but I recently read a Los Angeles Times  article how it is not limited to them.  10,000 baby boomers turn 65 years old every day and will for the next nineteen years!  Will you have enough savings for retirement?
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Post image for How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

Too many people have credit card debt!  As of December, 2011, according to Capital One  there was $801 billion total U.S. revolving debt.  98% is credit card debt!  The total U.S. consumer debt is $2.5 trillion as of December 2011.  The average credit card debt per household with credit card debt is $15,799.  Just about everyone has a credit card and it is time to learn how to use it responsibly! Read More…

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Rich Man, Poor Man

by Krantcents · 44 comments

Post image for Rich Man, Poor Man

Rich man, poor man is not intended to leave out women!  I am really trying to examine the difference between rich and poor and help you achieve what you say is a goal.  Most 18-25 year old say getting rich and becoming famous are important goals for them.  I am not sure if it is limited to just that age group either!  Do you want to know how to get rich? Read More…

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Post image for How to Shop for the Holidays

Have you started to shop for the holidays?  Here we are again, the holidays are here and the day after Thanksgiving is the official opening of the season.  A couple retail stores are talking about starting on Thanksgiving.  This confirms we are a consumer oriented country!  I know some of you have started already.  Here are my five (5) tips for doing it well! Read More…

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I Love Credit Cards

by Krantcents · 32 comments

Post image for I Love Credit Cards

Did I say I love credit cards?  Yes, I did!  I know that credit card companies love me.  Almost every week, I used to receive credit card offers.  I guess it is mutual!  Credit cards are a great convenient way to pay for things you need.  When used properly (paid in full every month) can be a convenient method of payment.  There are many different cards such as rewards, cash back, low interest cards and more. Read More…

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Post image for Cash Is King or Is It?

If cash is king, why do we keep inventing new ways to pay for things?  Mobile payments, debit cards and let’s not forget credit cards.  There are a variety of credit cards such as cash back, rewards, charge cards, travel, affinity, low interest and airline to name just  a few.  A recent survey (Rasmussen Reports) indicates 43% of adults stopped using cash for a week.  Is this the future? Read More…

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Post image for A Not So Funny Insurance Story

Do you need insurance?  Nearly eleven (11) years ago, something happened! I was riding my bicycle on the street on a beautiful sunny southern California day. It was December, 2001, it was warm and I was on vacation. Every weekend, holiday and vacation, I ride my bicycle for exercise, a little alone time and to reduce stress in my life.  It is my aerobic exercise and I love it.  What happened next changed my life forever. Read More…

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