Make 2014 The Year You Get Ahead With These Prudent Financial Resolutions

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Can you believe it? It’s 2014! Only one year prior to the year referenced in Back to the Future II, where the picture was complete with flying cars and taxis costing thousands of Dollars due to inflation running unchecked.

While we might not be exactly to the future that is alluded to in that movie, there are some financial goals/resolutions we can aspire to in 2014 to make this year very productive. Read below to find out more:

  1. 1.      Get a Credit Card That Pays YOU!

How does the majority of normal, every-day folks end up with their current credit card? Often, the credit card a person has is the result of a mixture of limited supply (whatever bank would take on the risk of giving someone without much credit history their first card) and advertising by the bank that they are with when they are at a young age.

However, as we get older and our credit history matures/improves, we tend to outgrow these starter credit cards, which often have high interest rates and no rewards. Well, 2014 may well just be a great opportunity to ditch your current credit card and get in to a cash back rewards card that pays YOU money to use it.

  1. 2.      Save Money on Food

For most people, one of the most significant monthly cash outlays (aside from housing) is the money we pay to sustain our nutritional needs. However, the issue that comes up in this space is that many people often pay WAY too much for food, either due to the fact that they eat out too much, go to fancy restaurants, or do not purchase their groceries at the most cost effective place.

Regarding eating out, this one can really get you in to trouble. For example, it is fairly easy to purchase generic brands and cook meals at home for around $2 per meal. However, good luck trying to find food at this price at a restaurant. After you finish paying the tip and whatever drinks you purchase, the bill for a one person lunch can easily get to $15!

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