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What is your Legacy?

by Krantcents · 2 comments

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My legacy is not money! As I get older and things change, I think about what I may leave behind. Legacy is an amount of money or property left to someone in a will. It is much easier to leave money and property to your heirs. When I was growing up, I wanted my parent’s time, unfortunately they were always busy. In order to spend time with them, I had to work. It helped influence my values! Read More…

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Buy a new car or a used car? Is this a trick question? Many personal finance experts recommend buying a used car versus a new car because it has already depreciated some of its value and you get a better deal. Particularly if you find a used car off a lease and it was well maintained. Many car dealers offer certified used cars with warranties and you save 30-40% over new.  Read More…

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Yes, I will be car free in Los Angeles in three years. Why am I writing about it now? I am taking the first step to be car free in Los Angeles. I will retire in the next three years and have no need for two cars. Los Angeles is a very much a car town. Los Angeles used to have one of the best public transit systems in the country, but that was nearly one hundred years ago!  Read More…

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Summer is vacation time for families! Most of the world goes on holiday in August every year. Students travel during the summer because they are off from school. For the last fourteen (14) years, I travel overseas during the summer. When students return to school, their teachers usually use vacation experiences as a subject for a composition or discussion. Did you take a summer vacation? Read More…

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Post image for Five Business Reasons to Target Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are not broke! In the United States alone, Baby Boomers will spend about $3 trillion. Hard to believe, but it is one of the most underserved market segments. Baby Boomers have been ignored by marketers because the 18-34 year old consumers are a more attractive group to advertisers. Younger people stereotype older people as useless, helpless, or devalued! Read More…

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Second Chances

by Krantcents · 6 comments

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Should people get second chances? Americans love comebacks, isn’t that a second chance? Every time you make a change, big or small is getting a second chance. What does the term second chance mean to you? If you are doing anything, you will make mistakes. If you get another chance at success, is it a second chance? Second chances are called do over, another shot, second shot, another take, take two, to just name a few. Read More…

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Post image for Should I Buy, Rent a Home or Just Do Nothing?

Buy or rent a home is suddenly a question for me! My plan was always to move one last time to a single level home as I age and can no longer navigate two flights of stairs. I thought this decision would be far in the future because I am a healthy and very active adult (almost 68 years old). So what changed? Interest rates are low and home prices in southern California are not going down! I need to make a choice! Read More…

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Post image for 5 Smart Ways to Cut your Expenses

How I cut my expenses may provide some insight how to save money.  Some people would call me cheap!  Others may say I am frugal!  I think of myself as value conscious!  I hate to spend more money for something than I need to.  My approach may cause you to rethink how you spend your money! Find out how you can live on less without feeling deprived! Read More…

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Buying homeowners insurance is a necessity particularly where I live.  I live in southern California where the next big earthquake is days/weeks/months/years away!   A natural disaster that can wipe you out financially!.  I survived the Northridge earthquake without damage, but that was just luck.  California has a 99% chance of a big earthquake within thirty (30) years. Read More…

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Post image for 5 Frugal Reasons to Ride a Bike

Why I ride a bike? It is fun and it makes me happy! Do you remember how much fun riding a bike was when you were a kid? Guess what, it is still is! Riding a bike is exercise and good for the environment, but it is much more.  Why should you bicycle and what is so great about a bike? If you have to ask, you don’t know! If it has been a while since you rode your bike, here are some reasons to start.
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