July 4th is Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day! July 4th is also my sister in law’s birthday. If that were not enough, my father in law’s birthday was December 25th. Why does that matter? Holidays are great times for celebration and more so if it is your birthday. There is a downside to this too! Your birthday takes second place to the holiday. Either way, it is special and you get the day off automatically. What do you think? 

July 4th is federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It is generally a day you spend with friends and family. A day filled with parades, fireworks, barbecues, picnic, concerts, baseball and other sports events. You can even celebrate the 4th in Williamsburg, Virginia and hear a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence. You can spend the afternoon touring a historic city, have dinner, listen to a concert and watch the fireworks.

Living in southern California, I can watch fireworks in many parks or the Rose Bowl, barbecue with friends and family, catch a baseball game and fireworks at Dodger Stadium, and watch the fireworks at the Queen Mary, Hollywood Bowl, Grand Park and much more. You can even celebrate July 4th at Disneyland, Six Flags or just watch it on TV. ! July 4th is a big deal! Americans celebrate it all over the country in a variety of ways. How do you celebrate Independence Day?

July4th or Independence Day is a day to spend with friends and family. Like most holidays, it is a time to go away. In southern California, you can go to the beach, mountains, lakes, camp grounds or travel to other cities. Some people visit family and friends in nearby cities or travel make it part of a mini vacation. Enjoy your time off, celebration or time away from work whether you stay at home or travel to far away places. Happy Independence Day.

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