It Pays to be Skinny

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Skinny people earn more!  According to a survey, workers who exercise regularly earn 9% higher pay on average versus the ones who don’t!  Who are these people and why do they earn more?  I hope this trend spreads everywhere!  What is wrong with rewarding healthy behavior?  Staying healthy is more than appearance, isn’t it?  What is healthy anyway?

Healthy Habits

In this difficult economy where employers expect more productivity for the same wages, it is nice to see a reward for healthy behavior.  Do you think this will increase gym memberships?  Just signing up for the gym is not enough, but it is a good start.  Going to the gym regularly shows some discipline and the exercise will help self confidence too.  What is it about healthy habits makes them better employees?  Successful people have traits that employers want and reward.

Exercise affects your personal outlook.  Exercise improves your mental attitude.  It reduces stress, anxiety and depression.  It changes you physically, mentally and your outlook.  It will make you positive, goal oriented and more in control over your life.  Who wouldn’t want to reward this kind of behavior?  Do you think these employees would be more productive?  I expect these employees take less sick days, use the medical insurance less and probably get more done.  Is that enough?

Many high tech companies have on premise health clubs for their employees.  They do this to encourage healthy habits and as an employee benefit.  For some high tech companies, you need to compete on more than just wages.  Is it to change behavior or attract like minded people?  The psychology of offering a positive lifestyle may change behavior or motivate employees to change behavior.  Personally, it is a better alternative to just offering junk food which is abundant at high tech companies.

Only Skinny Need Apply

Much to my chagrin, a woman’s weight can affect her earnings more than a man.  Thinner women earn more than overweight women.  There have been many studies that show attractive people earn more than their counterparts.  What is interesting are thinner women earned more, but thinner men do not?  This is the ultimate double standard!  Is it because men are in charge?  Body image is different for men and women.  Thinner women are admired by men and bigger, muscular men are described as healthy, aggressive or powerful.

Skinny men are considered sneaky, nervous, weak or sick.  As a man, it is better to be overweight.  Women who are overweight are considered less desirable, conscientious, agreeable and beautiful.  Is this fair?  No, of course not, but subconsciously or maybe consciously employers do think about this when they hire people.  I am not suggesting changing to fulfill someone’s concept of beauty, but recognize it is there.

Wrap Up

What should you do?  Join a gym or go on a diet? Exercise is a good thing for everyone and the associated traits are positive in anything you do.  Should you lose weight just to earn more money?   I think it is a personal and individual decision.  Good health should be everyone’s goal!  The best revenge on society that focuses on appearance is to do it for you and get in charge of hiring or become entrepreneurs.  Modeling is starting to change from very skinny girls to a healthier appearance.

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