It Is All in the Details!

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Do details matter? Have you ever taken something apart and when you put it back together you have a part left over?  It may or may not affect the overall operation, but it might!  Details are important, but they are not all equal!  I think it is the accountant in me that makes me pay attention to details. In accounting, everything has to balance just like in life.  Do details matter to you?


A good meal is a bunch of details brought together and executed well.  I always admire people who can cook well.  I know it is not that difficult to follow a recipe, but there is more to it than that.  Isn’t there?  Maybe it is just a matter of following the instructions!  Next time you make a cake or bake cookies, leave out the sugar and let me know how it tastes.  If that is true, everyone could cook well.  Everyone can learn how to cook, although not everyone will be good at it.  Is is details or confidence with details?


I recently was reading about $150 umbrellas.  When you read a lot, you become indiscriminate in what you read.  I live in southern California where it does not rain very often.  It is one of the reasons we have to import water from northern California.  So why do I need a $150 umbrella?  I really don’t need one, but I love quality products.  In the article, they described what made the umbrella more expensive.  I bought a much less expensive umbrella a number of years ago.  I think I paid $21 and it came with a lifetime warranty.  A detail that is important and makes my less expensive umbrella just as good as the expensive one.

Although the materials probably are different in the more expensive umbrella, it does not matter.  More expensive parts may or may not create a better product.  I have a lifetime warranty and needed it a couple years ago.  One of the metal pieces failed and they replaced the umbrella.  A good warranty is good marketing or a detail that comes in handy, if something goes wrong.  It is one of the reasons I like certain products or stores.  Does the warranty make the product better or is the product better because of the warranty?

College degrees?

At one time a college degree was a guarantee for success.  It still is, but not immediately.  Unemployment is still high (7.6%), but it is only 4% among college graduates.  You will earn approximately one million dollars more than a high school graduate in your lifetime.  How can you make yourself more employable after you graduate?  Simple, just show how you applied your education during college to the real world!  An internship (paid or unpaid), summer jobs, part time work, self employed or joint projects with industry. It is a tangible application of your skills, but just a detail!  A detail that helps you market yourself!  Details that are hard to suddenly accomplish after the fact.  You can still show you can apply your skills in a variety of ways.  Just do it!


Budgets are a bunch a details that if executed well will help you reach your financial goals.  Budgeting and planning in general use details to help you reach your financial and other goals.  A detailed plan whether to build a home, business or a financial plan is necessary to reach your goal.  Can you plan retirement without knowing how much you will contribute each year and how many years to reach your desired goal?  Can you imagine taking a vacation without any planning?  A goal without a detailed plan is just a wish! It is all in the details.


I love art, not all art though!  I have acquired some art over the years.  There are certain artists that I like for my office.  I like photographs too.  There are some framed in my office and home.  I am not talking about the personal ones of family and friends, but places I have visited or would like to visit.  You can look at art and say it is just a series of lines or dots arranged in a particular way.  Art is a skill acquired by experience, study or observation.  I realize I don’t have those skills, but I can appreciate good art when I see it.  Art is a personal choice!

Good art is a series of details whether it is a photograph, painting, drawing, film, sculpture, nature or some other realization of someone’s imagination.  It may affect us emotionally or in some other way.  Art may be just a series of details, but it is those details that move us!  For me, it can be the Pacific Ocean, a lithograph, Paris at night or canals in Amsterdam.  It moves me and makes me happy!  Details that make me react emotionally cannot be bad.  It enriches our lives!


Sports are a series of details.  You learn skills and practice until you get it.  If you are good at sports, you spent more time on the details.  Many sports require more practice than others such as golf or tennis.  Sports is a lot like life!  You need to work on the details and practice to be successful.  When I started investing in income property, it was like learning a new sport.  I needed to learn a lot of details until I got it. I kept working on it as I built my business and became more successful.  It was a lot of time on details. Have you learned something new that you needed to learn a lot of details to become good at it?

Final Thoughts

Although I gave some examples, there are many more  for your consideration.  Details are important and you need to pay attention to them.  Some may say it is a minor inconsequential item, part or detail, but taken together will affect the outcome or result.  If you have a detailed goal and plan, you are likely to achieve the goal.  Details are important in everyday life!  Is your education just grades or is it many details?  My college experience were  classes, sports, fraternity, social and a lot more!   We learn a lot of details, facts or sometimes inane things that seem to be meaningless, but you never know when you will use them.  Are they just details or are they pieces of information to join together to help you achieve success?  We are the sum of our experiences which are filled with details!  Details do matter!

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Details do matter!


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