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Post image for Labor Day is more than a Holiday

Labor Day is the first Monday in September and an American holiday! It is supposed to be a national tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers made to this country. It was established abut one hundred twenty years ago. It usually signaled the end of summer and children return to school. The last weekend to get away or relax before school starts. What does Labor Day mean to you? Read More…


Post image for Hobbies Can Be Expensive!

Hobbies take time and money! My wife’s garden is only forty-eight (48) square feet and she spends hours in it every week. It is flowers, plants, herbs and even a few vegetables. I am not complaining because she enjoys it! Hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable and a distraction from your day to day activities. Hobbies can also be expensive, addictive and even a money pit.

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Post image for Start Thinking Outside the Box!

Thinking outside the box is one of those metaphors that really need explanation. Thinking outside the box means to think differently, unconventionally or a new perspective. Some business consultants challenged their clients to solve a “nine dots” puzzle which required a creative solution. Often we are caught up with rules or conventions to solve problems versus thinking creatively.  Read More…


Post image for Memorial Day Remembered

Memorial Day is special for me because it is a three day weekend and the beginning of summer.   Another reason is I am a Vietnam era veteran. The weekend is filled with parades in many small and large cities across the country. It is also an opportunity to visit a national monument or cemetery to honor someone who served this country. It is filled with fireworks, barbecues, summer movies and family outings. Read More…

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Post image for Stop Looking in the Rearview Mirror!

Stop looking in the rearview mirror! There is a tendency to dwell on your past accomplishments! It is when we cling to the past that hurts you! Everyone knows of someone who peaked too quickly. For example, the high school football star, perhaps the valedictorian or homecoming king or queen. They were most popular or the smartest kids in school, but never did anything again.  Read More…

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Post image for How to Have A Frugal Valentine’s Day without being Cheap!

Valentine’s Day is a pressure filled time for men. For some, it is a celebration of romance and love, but there is pressure to do something special for their someone in their lives. Doing something special usually means, flowers, dinner, candy or some special gift. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on meaningless things or experiences! Celebrating Valentine’s Day does not have to cost a fortune!  Read More…

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Post image for Technology Has Made Me Lazy or More Productive!

Technology has made me lazy! I used to do basic arithmetic in my head. I could count out change without the cash register telling me what change I needed to make. I could spell without using spell check. I used to be able to write a handwritten note without a lot of thought. You may think it is just part of getting older, except it started forty (40) years ago. Read More…

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Post image for I Am Too Old for That!

Have you ever said I am too old for that? Recently, my friends and family got together for Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. Put a bunch of people together and someone will certainly bring up either something funny or embarrassing. Sometimes it is both!. It may be from many years ago when you were young and immature or just last week when you were just acting stupid. Read More…

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Post image for How to Think Rich and Be Rich

You’re in your 20s or 30s, you have student debt, you’ve accumulated some credit card debt and it looks like you’ll never be able to buy a home.  There is a way to think about money that can help solve these problems.  Our thoughts precede actions and actions precede results.  So let’s start by changing your thoughts. Read More…

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Road to Riches!

by Krantcents · 44 comments

Post image for Road to Riches!

Road to Riches can be a bumpy ride!  Maybe you had a paper route, lemonade stand, sold Girl Scout cookies or some other money making activity as a kid.  If you had an early interest in making money, you probably are likely to start a business.   Although 50% of everyone has a net worth of less than $10,000, a select few are worth more than a million dollars!  How do you match up?

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