I Am Too Old for That!

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Have you ever said I am too old for that? Recently, my friends and family got together for Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. Put a bunch of people together and someone will certainly bring up either something funny or embarrassing. Sometimes it is both!. It may be from many years ago when you were young and immature or just last week when you were just acting stupid.

Either way, the whole group has a good time laughing about it including the target of the story.  It is my favorite part of getting together! Stories are a family event and they are enjoyable even when you are the target. It i s never malicious, but it does remind you of the experience. You start to realize you probably would never do that again. It reminds me of when I was in college and how I would have never done something if it were not for some excessive partying.

When we are young, we can blame these events on the circumstances. After all, we were invincible! I could work, go to school, stay up late or pull an all nighter and still 90% productive the next day. I am not sure what happened, but I do not even want to do those things anymore. Either I matured or I no longer have the capacity to do it. If I can no longer do these things, am I making excuses or I just grew up along the way. I have no regrets and they make wonderful memories.

Suddenly, you are the oldest person in the room besides the Grandparents and realize they are just memories. They may be funny, horrible or embarrassing, but just memories. That is when you realize, I am too old for that! I was always part of an exclusive club called Baby Boomers, but now I am just a different generation. Of course there are the youthful indiscretions or the willingness to take business risks. As a former landlord, the low interest rates were certainly tempting, but I am too old for that!

There are a lot of good reasons not to go back into rental property at my age. Do I really want to deal with tenants, good or bad when I am retired? Do I really want to deal with maintenance issues or repairs? My goal is to simplify my life! I like the idea that managing my investments takes very little time and effort. Renters are clients that can be demanding and unreasonable. Investments are passive comparatively. I am too old for that!

When I was I in college, my friends and I would meet up at bars after football games. It was probably just an excuse to celebrate a win or get over a loss. We would go the bar of the week to meet girls on Friday or Saturday night too. I remember going to a bar during the week to grab a burger or on the way to rowing crew. Winter in the Northeast requires some antifreeze just to row! As I think about it now, it all sounds so stupid! I can’t believe I went to a crowded bar, with a loud band and looking to meet girls. I think my testosterone made me do stupid things!

In college I was in a fraternity with some of my closest friends. There were lots of things I did as a pledge and brother that I cannot justify now. It was funny, silly and stupid! It ranged from scavenger hunts, kidnapping brothers and hell night to name just a few of the memories. The memories make me smile, but I would never do some of those things now and probably shouldn’t anyway. I have done some scavenger hunts since my college days in my thirties. I treasure these experiences, but realize that it is just part of my crazy times when I was younger!

I know that I am too old to work for Yahoo, Google, Twitter and a lot of other high tech start ups! I do not want or cannot work the kind of hours I used to work. I probably not quite as technologically adept as I once was either. For the last twelve years, I am a teacher and do not keep up with the newest technology. I know I should, but it is unnecessary in education. If keeping up means computer games, I am too old for that! I include some changes in my lessons, but it is more important to learn skills.

Sometime during my twenties, I became a man! It wasn’t when I turned twenty-one, married or drafted (into the army). I am sure there is a transition girls go through too when they become women. Is it maturity or expectations? At some point, you start to act your age or give up acting like a much younger, carefree immature person. Everyone has stories of doing stupid things which are ordinarily excusable when you are young. Everyone passes through the transition at some time, some earlier and others later.

Maturity is a big part of this because what was acceptable in my twenties was definitely immature in my forties, fifties and now sixties! Why is it funny now? I think as I get older, I would rather laugh at these things than let them bother me. I am too old to puke in public, drink to excess, have roommates (except for a wife), have a messy house, party all the time, go out to bars to drink, or midnight movies! There are just a few of you who have bucket lists which may work for you, but I do not believe in waiting to do anything!

Final Thoughts

Dinners, parties and family gatherings are great places to reminisce about your experiences. Telling stories is a fun way to share your experiences with your friends and family. Typically, your children will learn a great deal about you through these experiences. Sometimes it is fun to see the differences in what you remember and your children remember from the same experience. My wife (then girlfriend) remembers these things differently too. Lessons learned or maturity, I am too old for that again!

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Lessons learned or maturity, I am too old for that again!



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