How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions and Much More!

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Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is easy!  If it is so easy, why do so many people break them every year? It starts with how you make them! Typically, you are just hours from midnight on New Year’s Eve and a friend asks you what your New Year’s Resolutions are? You probably have a drink in your hand and you just rattle off a couple things you soon forget.  Is that you?

The number one New Year’s Resolution!

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight. There are a variety of reasons for weight loss to motivate ourselves, but that may not be enough! You may want to lose weight improve your health such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol, or avoid type 2 diabetes. Improving your health can prevent heart disease and avoid a variety of diseases. Quality of life, confidence and appearance are some other reasons.    Children and adults are overweight and everyone says they want to lose a few pounds.

One of the reasons weight loss is a recurring resolutions is people give up after just a few weeks! The key to success in weight loss is setting realistic goals in such a way, you do not frustrate yourself. If you want to lose fifty (50) pounds, you need to break it down to a daily or weekly objective. One (1) to two (2) pounds a week is a good healthy goal for weight loss. It will take six (6) to twelve (12) months! If your resolution is to lose fifty (50) pounds or diet twelve (12) months as a goal, you will probably quit!

If you have a goal of losing one (1) to two (2) pounds a week, you have to find a realistic method to achieve it. I lost thirty-five (35) to forty (40) pounds about thirty (35) years ago and kept it off. I learned a great deal about goal setting and what works for me. I figured out what caused the weight gain and made changes in my diet. I substituted good choices for bad ones or reduced portion size. I cut out the candy bar at 3 PM and replaced other foods with vegetables.

My secret for weight loss and much more

My solution for weight loss is making the fewest changes as possible! The reasoning is simple; you will never stick to a radical change! Since I take my lunch to work, I can control what I eat. I stopped buying from the candy machine and cut back on portion size.  I could see results very quickly and that seem to keep me motivated. I added more physical activity by walking more and not using the elevator at work. Initially, I only wanted to lose the holiday weight gain, but I was so successful I kept going.

My approach to weight loss seems to work for other goals too. I put together a plan for financial independence. Long term goals are always too big and scary! This is one of the reasons you need to break them down into small tasks to perform daily or weekly. If you monitor your effort and make adjustments, you can achieve anything! Keeping them realistic and achievable is the difference between making a resolution and achieving a goal. Spending the time on the resolution will help you actually achieve it.

My plan for financial independence worked because I was able to concentrate on my daily tasks! Each week, I either met my objective or adjusted my effort to eventually achieve my objective. I gave myself nine (9) years to achieve my goal and managed to trim nearly two (2) years off my timeframe. It all starts with realistic goals monitoring my performance. Just think what you can do, if you have a better plan to accomplish it. It starts with the goal and the plan!

What should you do?

  • Keep your goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.
  • Write it down, share with supportive friends and hold yourself accountable.
  • Breakdown your goals into daily/weekly/monthly tasks and objectives.
  • Find the compelling reason to stick with it.
  • Don’t let excuses, naysayers or anything from achieving it.

Final thoughts

Why are New Year’s Resolutions the same failed goals every year? If you do not spend the time necessary to make the resolutions important and achievable, they will never change. You have to approach resolutions as though you really want to achieve them. I normally avoid New Year’s Resolutions because I do not wait for a specific date or time to set goals. The steps I outlined works because I use them. If you would like to actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, just follow my simple steps.

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If you would like to actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, just follow my simple steps.

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