How to Have A Frugal Valentine’s Day without being Cheap!

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Valentine’s Day is a pressure filled time for men. For some, it is a celebration of romance and love, but there is pressure to do something special for their someone in their lives. Doing something special usually means, flowers, dinner, candy or some special gift. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on meaningless things or experiences! Celebrating Valentine’s Day does not have to cost a fortune! 

Valentine’s Day is the busiest, highest sales and delivery volume day of the year. Let’s face it, it is so easy to go online or call a florist to have some flowers delivered. I can see what he flowers will look like online and schedule delivery at my wife’s work to get maximum attention. Why deliver flowers at work? You want your special someone to be admired by other workers. The bigger the arrangement the better! This is the easy solution! You need to be creative and do something else. 

Making dinner reservations is another easy task. I can call or make a reservation online ahead of time and even get something out of it myself. Easy and fun for both parties. There is no harm doing what everyone else does, but you are not making it very special. Typically, restaurants are very busy and you get a crowded restaurant meal with less than great service or you could do something else. I admit, I was one of the people who made reservations because it was so easy, but no more.  

Candy is another easy choice! If you know the person well, you know what they like. Whether it is the expensive Godiva chocolates or some other brand. Then you can get the variety one or two pound box of milk or dark chocolates. I always went much further to actually pick the particular pieces, she liked. Whether it was See’s Bordeaux, Cashew Brittle, or  light chocolate truffle, it was special for her. Candy is always better when there is less and personalized. 

Valentine’s Day is so close to other big gift giving holidays! It is one of the reasons, I do not approach it the same way. Some people look for your typical gifts which is never right for everyone. Valentine’s Day is not supposed to just a splurge on presents. Some people give engagement rings on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think that may be the least romantic because it may be expected. I love the element of surprise versus what is expected.

What should you do?

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize – Since I am married for such a long (45 years) time, I can only draw on memory of what I did for various past girlfriends. In the beginning, I had very little money anyway, but I always tried to make it special for my valentine. I would give a small book of poems, have a picnic, visit an art gallery for a private showing, or something she would enjoy. The key to happiness is finding what the other person enjoys rather than a easy choice.

Flowers? – Flowers do not have to be expensive. In every major city, there are alternatives to the high priced flower shops. It may be the flower (wholesale) mart, supermarket, or just picking them yourself. Roses are traditional, but you can find other flowers choices to impress. One of the reasons roses are expensive because you usually buy them by the dozen. A less expensive approach may be a bouquet of a variety of flowers which is less expensive.

Candy? – Who said you have to buy candy by the box anyway! I think it is much better to buy just the pieces my valentine would like. It shows I have put more thought into the gift and there is no wasted candy. You save money and you look very thoughtful. Candy or chocolates are sold by weight and it adds up quickly. Four chocolate dipped strawberries is more romantic than the Walt Whitman sampler!

Be original! – There is formula to show love for someone! Find what is special for them. It could be downloading a song or something trial, but it shows you car. There is a tendency to spend money, but it is not nearly as good as finding something meaningful to your valentine. I do the flowers, gift and dinner, but I make it special. I get flowers I know she likes in a nice arrangement from a small grocery chain for$ 6-8. I buy dinner from our favorite restaurant, but split the dish because there is so much food. I always get our favorite dessert of tiramisu but share it. I take the dinner home and fire up the fireplace and light candles for our dinner. Intimate and more enjoyable than a restaurant. Our gifts are special, but personal. It may be sharing an experience of going to a museum, art gallery, walking along the beach, or cooking a meal.  

Final Thoughts

Don’t just follow the formula of making reservations, buying flowers and candy for Valentine’s day. It shows no thought and it can be very expensive! I know this is mostly directed to men and how they can impress women on Valentine’s Day, but ladies don’t just sit back and expect all these things. You can also show your special someone that you care. It can be a massage, a meal, his favorite candy or just some event. Valentine’s Day seems to be just for the ladies, but I think it should be a time to show their love for each other.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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