Successful vs. Unsuccessful People

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Successful vs. Unsuccessful People. It points out the different traits of success.  Why is this important?  Recognizing those traits within yourself may help you change or rid yourself of those bad habits.  It is also an opportunity to embrace your good habits and build on them.  Here is 50 traits of successful and unsuccessful people.


Living on their own/Living at home with parents


Take responsibility/Blame others

They learn from their mistakes/They repeat mistakes

They try and fail, but keep trying/When they fail, they give up

They are persistent/They give up too soon


Focused/Easily distracted

Goal oriented/No goals


They make quick decisions/Slow decisions and change them

Success is internalized/Failure is internalized

They plan for the future/No plan

Calculated risks/Risk averse

Curious and eager to learn/Indifferent to learning

They go after what they want/They think it will come to them

They work hard and smart/They complain about their circumstances

Have a network of people/No reliable network

Work on improving themselves/Tolerate their shortcomings

Creative problem-solver/See themselves as limited

Self reliant/No initiative

Not impulsive/Impulsive

No wasted time/Wastes time constantly


Persistent/Give up

Imagination (anything is possible)/Accepting of existence/reality

Self understanding/Not aware of strengths/weaknesses

Vision/No vision

Passion/No passion

Dreams/No dreams

Plan/No Plan

Specific knowledge/training/ Untrained/unskilled

Will not take no for an answer/They feel they do not deserve yes

Ambition/No ambition

Motivated/Not motivated

They know how to get things done/Do not accomplish much

They look for solutions to problems/They do not even look

Courage of convictions/Fearful

Enthusiastic/Hate what they are doing

Supportive/Out for themselves


Little or no debt/Debt is a way of life



Think about what they can do/Think about what they cannot do

In control of their lives/Waiting for someone else to bail them out

They look for things to do/They wait to be told what to do

Better use of time/Wastes time

Doers/Dreamers or do nothing

Hang with other rich people/Hang around with other losers

Final thoughts


You can read these traits and only identify with the successful people!  No one is has all the traits!  Be honest with yourself and work on your shortcomings.  Don’t ignore them.  Recognize you may have weaknesses and do something about them.  Remember the definition of success is accomplishing a goal, objective or task.  You can be successful in business, school or at a job.  all it takes is a positive attitude and open to change.  It has nothing to do with money.  Although I use money as a  scorecard as to how I am doing!  Recently, I wrote an article called “My Journey to Success” which may indicate I have some of the traits I described.  Look around you and you will find successful people.  Join them, associate with them and learn from them.  What do you think?   Which traits do you have and which ones would you change?   Successful vs. Unsuccessful People.

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