How Do You Choose the Right Career?

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I know what you want!  It is a career that pays the most, where you have fun and don’t work too hard.  Are there careers like that?  If you ask people who like what they do, their answer will be yes!  What are those careers?  Some (well, most) professions require some form of higher education. However, with the modern world we live in, one can go as far as to obtain an MBA, or even a PhD, never leaving home.

Sales people generally love their job.  Why?  They love the fact that they are paid based on performance.  They like the freedom of producing results rather than just putting in time.  Many sales people do not work in an office which is just fine with them.  They like the freedom of the career.  Would that career be right for everyone?  No!  Many people would hate the pressure or stress of meeting sales targets, the constant rejection, and find the self determination to succeed.

What is important in determining the right career for you?  Let’s start with what interests you.  As children, we try a lot of things.  We try sports, games, reading, and many times we show interest in certain classes in school.  Many overlook all these interests when it comes time to figure out what interest them enough to make a career.  Children, no matter how old they are, express careers that they are exposed to in their childhood.  They say they want to become a Medical Doctor, Police Officer, Firefighter, or a teacher.  Did they really research this career and understand what is involved to perform this career?  No, of course not!  They are just giving an answer to a question.

Is being interested in a particular career enough?  No!  You need skills.  If you want to become a Medical Doctor, you need to be good in science.  In order to get into a good medical school, you need to be really good in the sciences.  To clarify, do you want a doctor who only was a C student in science?  I know I don’t!  You need skills and talent to be good in a particular career.  If you are good at what you do, you will be successful and will make a good living.  I chronicle my experience in my journey to success.

Let’s think about this so far, you must be interested in the career, have the talent and skills to be successful.  Is that it?  Not exactly, you need a good work ethic.  You know those values like integrity, honesty, teamwork, going to work every day and on time.  Is that it?  No, you must perform you career to the best of your ability.  Last, you need to get along with your boss and colleagues.  In other words, your personality needs to fit with the group, department or company.  You should be positive and upbeat and adaptable in many different situations.

Are you prepared for a career or did you just take a job?  If you do not like your career, you probably did not choose it!  It is not too late to change, but do it right.  Spend the time to find out enough about the career you have interest, skills, talent, personality, and values to be successful.  The riches follow!  What are you doing?  Choose the right career!

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