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Would you like a home gym?  All the movie stars have a home gym and you can too!  Do you have to be a movie star to have one?  No, not really!  In fact, you can put one together for very little money.  Over the years, I belonged to a health club and went there regularly during the week and even weekends.  I spent years in the gym, but it was worth it.  It takes a lot of work to keep me fit.

I have had a home gym for fourteen (14) years and use it all the time.  I have a cage, bench, weights, treadmill and mag trainer (for my bicycle).  I keep it close and handy in my office.  Do I use everything all the time?  I use the weights four (4) to five (5) times a week.  This includes a barbell, dumbbells and a lat bar.  I only use the treadmill and mag trainer when I am squeezed for time or in bad weather.  What do you need in terms of equipment?

I think you need aerobic and strength equipment.  Your heart is an important muscle and needs exercise.  Your muscles and bones need weight bearing exercise.  My equipment shares my office so space is limited.  What do you need?  You need a cage or rack, bench, barbell and dumbbell set. I bought mine for less than $150, but that was fourteen (14) years ago.  Used equipment is a good choice or on sale.  A lot of people buy exercise equipment and never use it.  Years later they decide to sell it.

You could be the beneficiary of unused exercise equipment.  Make sure it works and does not need repair unless you are handy.  You can look online, newspaper or just check yard sales.  Find exercise equipment stores in your area or large department stores may have the equipment.  I bought my equipment on sale at an exercise equipment store and the treadmill at Sears.  The treadmill was approximately around $100 fourteen (14) years ago.  This is another piece of equipment you can buy used.

I recently received a mag trainer as a gift that I use with my bicycle to make it a exercise bike.  You can buy that for around $100.  I like the idea of having a choice which aerobic exercise (treadmill or stationary bike) I can use when the weather is bad. If you do not have a bicycle, you can buy one used for roughly $100 or new for $350.  I have had the same bike for twenty (20) years and use it from two (2) to six (6) times a week.

Exercise equipment is generally bought near the beginning of the year and people stop using it in a few months.  Either it gave them what they wanted which was that great summer body or they gave up exercising.  Either way, they may sell it very cheap.  For some reason, exercise equipment does not fetch a high price.  Check your local paper or neighborhood for deals.

The only other thing you may need is a good book for weight lifting.  I bought the Gold’s Gym of Body Building Encyclopedia.  It is easy to understand and use.  If you are thinking I am a very serious body builder, you would be wrong!  I want to keep fit, but not look like a body builder.  I am five (5) foot nine (9) inch male weighing roughly 145-150 pounds. I managed to maintain the same weight through exercise and eating healthy.  Living a healthy lifestyle extends my quality of life.  A home gym can do that for you.

Wrap Up

Just having a home gym won’t make you  healthy, but using it will!  Buying the equipment used or on sale will save you money.  You need to make the time to use the equipment on a regular basis. You can always run, walk or do yoga for exercise!   If you want to have a home gym, you can put one together for $500 or less.  It is not cheap, but cheaper than the typical health club membership.  Would you like a home gym?

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