High Paying Careers You Would Never Think Of!

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High paying careers you would never think of! When I think of well paying jobs, I think of medicine, health care, engineering, technology and aerospace.  No doubt, you probably think of entertainers, professional athletes or comedians, but those require special talent!  What jobs do you think of as well paying careers?  CNNMoney.com came up with ten careers that you never heard of!

Freight Train Conductor – Believe it or not they can get paid $100K per year.  It depends on jobs and terminals.  What does a Freight Train Conductor do?  They are responsible for the whole train.  This range from communicating with the dispatcher to making sure everything is in order.  You make sure you have the right of way on a track.  I always thought it was the engineer’s responsibility to avoid collisions.  Many times you work away from home and 12 hour days.  Obviously, this is no cushy job!

Semi-Truck Mover – Driving a truck never entered my mind a well paying career.  Surprise, here is a truck driver who delivers semi truck trailers and semi trucks to individual dealers.  He drives 60-700 miles per day and makes $160K per year.  .  What is the catch?  It is a specialized job and you are driving all day!  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Luxury Porta-Potty Business Owner – You have probably seen porta-potty like structures at construction site and various other places.  That is not her business.  These porta-potties will be found at upscale events such as weddings, special events, fund-raising parties and other outdoor venues. The emphasis is on luxury so it smells nice, lighting, carpeting and flowers.  This owner takes a salary of $120K per year.

Life Coach – Work independently with high school students helping them with leadership, beliefs, communication and learning styles.  Focus may be on goals or goal setting, poor esteem to bullying and building on the positives.  Most cases the coach goes to the students rather than students coming to an office.  Coaching pays pretty well $108,000 per year.

Live Sports TV Camera Man – This sounds like a dream job where you can work sports events and get paid between $100-150K per year.  I immediately think of NFL Films!  He does all the sports from the NFL, NBA, and Little League World Series.  Sounds like a lot of fun and paid well too.

Massage Therapist – Here is a profession where you can earn $150 per hour.  You make your own schedule and it is your business.  Clients include professional athletes and celebrities. Sometimes she may travel with her clientele and receive a daily rate of $6-800 per day.  As an independent business, you make it into a real professional service company.

Window Washer – This job requires you to be close to a larger city with high rise buildings.  Window washing pays rather well, he earns $125K per year.  He acts as a contractor bidding on jobs all over the city.  He bids on large and small buildings working sometimes as long as 16 hours a day.  As an independent businessman, you can earn as much as you want.

New Home Sales Associate – Probably, a cyclical kind of career.  Real estate is cyclical anyway and is in a down cycle right now.  Recognize there are still long term professionals who are making money even in this down cycle.  This particular person specializes with military members and their families.  It may be one of the few people who are buying versus waiting for the market to improve.  She earned $250K per year.

Account Executive for Radio Station – He creates marketing plans for clients in order to reach the radio station audience.  What product or services would be appropriate to reach that audience?  He earns his income through commission and does pretty well.  His earnings were $350K per year.

Author of Furniture Buying Guides – This person grew up in the industry of furniture manufacturing, interior decorating and window treatments.  She created her own business by self publishing a cross reference book for decorative fabrics and took orders through her 800 number.  She wrote another book for the general public about the best furniture bargains.  She earns $1-130K per year.

Final thoughts

These are careers that do not require a college degree and only some of them require special training.  Many of them can become full scale businesses and grow through adding more people.  One of the things I find attractive about these careers is you can do a variety of things with it.  It does not require an entrepreneurial mindset, but it may help.  You may want to read an article called My Journey to Success to see how I did it!  You can grow it or not and still earn a very nice living.  It is up to you!  What do you think?  High paying careers you would never think of!

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