Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States each year on the fourth Thursday in November.  I was surprised to learn that as many as seven (7) other countries celebrate Thanksgiving.  In the United States, the origin goes back to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.  Most celebrate with a huge meal of turkey with all the trimmings with family and friends.  How will you celebrate?

This year more retailers are starting the shopping season early on Thanksgiving Day!  It is also a day filled with college and professional sports.  There is always a football game or two and a basketball game to watch.  There is the usual Thanksgiving Day parade on television and many communities put on smaller festivities and/or a parade.  For me, it is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family.  This year, our family is joining friends to celebrate together.

As I get old(er), I look forward to the traditions and the opportunities to celebrate the holidays together.  The food is pretty good too.  There is something about putting a bunch of people together around a dining room table with food, drink and talk.  Subjects range from sports to politics and remembrances that seem to entertain and amuse us all.  It is also a time to be grateful or thankful for what we have.  Things like great, caring, wonderful children and good friends getting together on this holiday.  I guess I am describing your typical family holiday dinners in general!  At least I hope so. I also want to thank all my readers for their support, comments and feedback. You are are all special to me. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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