Good Enough!

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The principle of good enough (POGE) only works for software!  It is a rule for software and systems design which favors quick and simple design because it evolves as needed based on user requirements.  I sometimes hear my students say they have good grades until I question them.  It turns out it was just good enough!  When does good enough make sense for you?

In a classroom, good enough may be passable or is it?  Do you want a doctor who just did good enough in school?  I know I don’t!  The problem with this kind of thinking is there are no limits.  It can be a future doctor, engineer, nurse or a variety of other careers.  If the people who perform good enough would charge accordingly, I might go along with it.  A good enough haircut is worth how much?  Too often, products and services meet a very low standard such as a low price.

When a car is good enough, does it mean it is safe?  It has to follow federal and state safety standards, but it does not have to last or provide value.  At one time a Volkswagen was a great economical car.  It was very cheap and gave you value for the price.  I don’t think it was ever made with the concept of good enough.  I think they aimed at a very inexpensive car for a particular price.  It grabbed the market just like the Japanese cars of today.

Simple solutions to problems are not necessarily good enough.  Steve Jobs built a business based on the model of simplification of technology.  He made technology more accessible to many, although it was never the cheapest solution.  The products or services easy to use and made it more accessible to all.  His efforts helped make the personal computer reach a broader audience.  Do you think good enough ever entered into his thinking?

Good enough may be appropriate in some instances.  If you r goal is to develop a stripped down tablet or laptop computer with very few features for a low price, good enough may work.  This very simple device may be appropriate for an emerging market where accessibility to technology is severely limited.  The goal is not good enough, but a low price.  The lower price suddenly means that more people can access the product that were previously could never have it.  This is true with other products in an emerging market.  We call that meeting your market’s needs!

If your product or service is really good versus good enough, it will sell itself.  If you produce a product or service that is a low price and creates value for the consumer, it is a win/win.  Do you think that McDonalds started their business to produce food that was good enough?  They concentrated on the food delivery process to make the food consistent and cheap.  They also worked on the French fries to make them really good and cheap.  Good enough never entered into their thinking.

Good enough may enter into your thinking, when you want to grab lunch and only have a couple of dollars.  A McDonalds $ 1 meal may make sense.  If your budget cannot handle the higher expense of getting the best product or service, good enough is the only choice.  Not everyone can buy a Mercedes or the million dollar home, but a less expensive car or home may be just good enough.  I certainly do not need the best of the best to satisfy my needs, but I want the best product or service I can afford to solve my particular need.

Final Thoughts

We make choices all the time based on budget, means or value.  That is a question of satisfying your needs based on your personal judgment and budget.  If your effort in your career, life or personal relationships is just good enough, you will be disappointed!  Setting low goals may affect how much you achieve.  Goal setting is supposed to stretch your limits and increase your performance.  Good enough is just good enough!

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Good enough is just good enough!Photo by:  Bnalities

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