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Change is difficult!  It was so much easier when I was in school and I just wanted to improve my grades. All I had to do was change my behavior!  You know, go to class instead of cutting, study instead of letting my books collect dust and do my homework. All the things, I was not doing! Now let’s apply this solution to everything else. Read More…

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Post image for It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might’ve Been

Once you reach a certain age and find yourself surrounded by all the typical markers of adulthood — family, home, job — it’s natural to reflect on the path you’ve taken and wonder if you’re on the right course. For too many adults, the answer is a lukewarm “maybe.” If you’re finding yourself thinking about what might have been, consider taking some steps toward realizing your ideal career vision. Read More…

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Post image for Where Am I and Where Am I going?

2013 is half over and I just thought it is a good time to take my temperature! In case you are wondering, I am not lost nor did I just wake up from a lost weekend.  Jet lag is out the question since I have not been on a plane in a couple years.   No, I am not sick and I am really talking more about financial health anyway! You cannot know where you are going until you know where you are! Read More…

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Post image for The Road to Prosperity

The road to prosperity is not really a road!  In fact, it may not be much more than a path.  It is not a location and it can only lead you to a goal.  It is filled with many curves, dead ends, U-turns, attractions, amusements, distractions and pitfalls. Google or Yahoo maps will not help you get there!  It starts with a goal and a plan.  It is taking that dream you have and making it a reality!   Read More…

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Post image for Why Changing Your Behavior is More Important than Having a Budget

When it comes to finances, many people struggle with expenses, debt, income, and savings. It is hard to plan your finances when you don’t really know where to begin, and this is where most people go the traditional budget route and start writing all their expenses and income down on paper. However, it has been shown that budgeting is not the whole answer. Read More…

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Xanatos Gambit!

by Krantcents · 44 comments

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Have you ever heard of the Xanatos Gambit?  “A Xanatos Gambit is a plan whose multiple foreseen outcomes all benefit its creator. It’s a win-win situation for whoever plots it.  At its most basic, the Xanatos Gambit assumes two possible outcomes for the one manipulated — success or failure. The plan is designed in such a way that either outcome will ultimately further the plotter’s goals.”  The planner always wins! Read More…

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Post image for How to Become Minimum Wage Millionaire

Can you earn minimum wage and still become a millionaire? The short answer is yes!  I am sure you have heard of so called poor people becoming millionaires, although not overnight.   I am not talking about professional athletes, entertainers or lottery winners.  I am talking about everyday people earning very little money and over time become millionaires.  Not just millionaires, but multi-millionaires! Read More…

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Post image for Extreme Retirement Is Fool’s Gold!

The usual definition for extreme includes words like serious, hazardous, dangerous, highest degree, exceptional, severe, physical or mental risk or hardship.  I realize that retirement as a goal may be worthwhile enough to take risks, but extreme may be too far.  Fool’s gold is anything that turns out to be worthless!  Have you gone to extremes for retirement savings?  Is it working for you?  Read More…

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Post image for It Is Not too Late to Do Tax Planning for 2013!

Did you do any tax planning for 2013?  Probably not, you just finished your 2012 tax return and probably already received your refund.  I bet it was big and you are using it to pay down debt, invest or just put it in savings.  Some of you may even use it for fun things like a trip, shop or a few nice dinners.  If you are not aware of the tax changes, you will probably pay too much in taxes next year too! Read More…

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Post image for Impossible Is an Opinion!

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” (Muhammad Ali)  Don’t tell me it is impossible, but find a way to succeed! Read More…

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