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Post image for Being Rich or Poor Is a Choice!

Rich or poor is a choice!  I realize that some of you may feel this is controversial, but give it some thought. You have control of yourself and you are not a victim. People who are rich, work hard. People who are poor generally make poor choices. It starts very young with education, role models and goals. Most rich people did not start out that way.  They made a choice and you can too! Read More…

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Post image for Things I Do Daily to Keep Focused on My Goals!

I thought I would share some of the things I do daily to stay focused on my goals! About thirty-six (36) years ago, I created my plan to achieve financial independence. I set my goals to reach them in about nine (9) years and I beat it by two (2)! I was laser focused on my goals to the point of having daily tasks and monitoring them weekly/monthly. Life is complicated, but I tried to simplify it so I could achieve my goal.  Read More…

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Post image for Classic Cars, Muscle Cars and Antiques Cars Are Good Investments!

Buying a used car will save you money, but a classic, muscle or antiques cars may actually make you money. You still have to choose your car carefully, but these cars usually increase in value unlike your typical car which decreases in value as soon as you buy it. This is not your typical investment, but you may consider it as alternative after you cover everything else. What do you think? Read More…

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What If?

by Krantcents · 26 comments

Post image for What If?

Many years ago, I used to do “what if” scenarios. As I get older, I find I reflect on my decisions much more and often do “what if” scenarios as a way to plan for the future. I think my ability to plan well helped me achieve or accomplish much more than others. After all, how do you improve your decision making or judgment if you do not reflect on your decisions? Do you reflect on your decisions?  Read More…

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Post image for 10 Quotes I Think Are Important!

At one time or another, I came across a quote I enjoyed! I may have embraced the thought years ago before I knew someone famous said it or the quote inspired me to do more. Either way, I thought I would some of them together to inspire you to do more with your life or inspire me to do more. Yes, I need inspiration occasionally to accomplish more and so do you! Read More…

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Post image for Why Are Some People Successful and Others Fail?

Why do some people achieve success and others fail? The list is very long, but I will attempt to identify some of the reasons. After all, we all start out with potential and yet we never achieve success. As a teacher, I often hear reasons (excuses) why they never mastered math or passed English. The reasons range from bad teachers, no parental support or lack of skills. What is your excuse? Read More…

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Post image for Everything Is Always on Sale!

Everything is always on sale seems like an exaggeration! If you are expecting to go to your local store and find absolutely everything on sale, you will be disappointed. Then again, you can find just about everything on sale somewhere. Online retailers are constantly discounting their products and there are always coupons for discounts and free shipping. I f you look, you can find everything on sale! Read More…

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I Am a Stud!

by Krantcents · 20 comments

Post image for I Am a Stud!

Much to my surprise, I understand that women think I am a  Stud! Not that it matters much to me because I have been out of circulation for a very long time. It really doesn’t matter because I am talking about characteristics of a stud anyway.  According to Urban Dictionary, a stud is a really cool guy or girl.   Everyone looks up to them and wants to get with them. The ladies in particular! What makes me so cool? Read More…

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Post image for How Do You Overcome Fear?

Despite my age, I can remember when I did not fear anything!  Although it was a long time ago, I wonder what changed. Fear is a survival mechanism that makes us pull away when you see something or someone dangerous. I often hear that most people’s biggest fear is public speaking, although I have heard people express fear about a variety of subjects and situations. What are you afraid of and how do you overcome your fear? Read More…

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Post image for Do You Plan or Plan to Fail?

I plan because I do not plan to fail!  If you have goals, you need a plan to make it happen. A budget is a form of a plan.  Why budget?  A budget is supposed to help you achieve your financial goals. More people spend more time planning a party than their lives!  If you do not see the need for planning, you probably do not have goals, direction, focus, attribute luck for any results and not accountable for anything! Read More…

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