Friday Night Links: Desk Chair Edition

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Why is a desk chair so important?  Do you have back problems?  Which came first the back problems or a bad chair?  I worked in an office almost my entire working life and had good and bad chairs.  Although I had a very good desk chair, it was not appropriate to sit in it for hours.  After just a few hours, my posterior was numb and I needed a break!  What did I do? 

First, I visited office furniture stores and tried out different chairs.  Most of which I did not like.  They seemed cheap and had prices anywhere from $100-600!  The salesman even told me that they not last very long.  My son who can work 12-15 hours a day suggested a Herman Miller Aeron chair.  New was out of the question, but I found one reasonably priced on Craigslist.  I bought it several months ago and it was the best purchase I ever made.  Sometimes, you just need to spend a little money!

How is your desk chair?  When I visited my orthopedist for my pinched nerve diagnosis, I noticed he had an Aeron chair.  I think that is the best testimonial a chair could have.  Fortunately, I found some of the best articles of the week.  This makes a good segue to today’s picks for Friday Night Links.

The following articles caught my attention:

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I read more than five hundred (500) articles a week and I highlight just five (5) in my Friday Night Links.  Sometimes you need to spend a little money on a good desk chair!   Thank you for reading Friday Night Links Desk Chair Edition.

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