Friday Night Links: Cars Edition

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Cars are on my mind!  I love all sorts of cars.  Sports, classic and antique cars are absolutely beautiful.   I am in the market to replace my old (17 & 15 year old) cars soon.  Should I get a new(er) car or keep my car for few more years.  It is time to replace my timing belt on my oldest car!  Do I really want to put $5-600 in my car?  What am I going to do? 

I think each side of my brain is talking to me.  My practical side says go cheap and my emotional side says spend the money.  If I really want to go cheap, I would replace the timing belt and fix a few minor things and keep the car.  After all, it only has 160K miles on it and still looks good.  My other side says you have had the car 17 years and it is time to get a new car.  I do not want to put any real money into the car because it is only worth $8-1200.  Now I start my research and I really do not know where it will lead me.

Looking for car is supposed to be fun, but I really do not know what I want.  Fortunately, I found some of the best articles of the week.  This makes a good segue to today’s picks for Friday Night Links.

The following articles caught my attention:

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The Wealth Artisan  Expensive Habits That Are Hard To Break

Thirty Six Months Personal Financial Management aka setting a budget

Thousandaire 10 Reasons You Should Have a Side Business

Untemplater  It’s Time To #FixYoungAmerica: Interview With Scott Gerber


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I read more than five hundred (500) articles a week and I highlight just five (5) in my Friday Night Links.  Getting a new Car should be fun.  Thank you for reading Friday Night Links Cars Edition.

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