Forget Everything Else, Marry for Money

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To avoid any confusion, I did say to marry for money.  Is money more important than love?  Finding your soul mate is not easy.  You already know what kind of person you don’t want, but you keep attracting those kinds of people.  You know the ones, they drink too much, spend too much, unfaithful, controlling or just not good for you.  If you have rich friends, you are more likely to meet other rich successful people.

If you are not married, you probably want to be.  Or maybe not!  A good marriage is wonderful and bad one can wreck your life.  Picking the right person is not easy.  After all it is an emotional decision and takes a lot of work.  To make it even more difficult, it is between two (2) humans with all their flaws.  This is not an article about how to find the right spouse or have a happy marriage.  It is an article about why you should marry a rich successful person and where to find them.

Where Are They?


Before they were doctor’s wives, they were college sweethearts. The ultimate marrying rich are doctor’s wives.  Many educated, rich, successful people find their spouse in college.  The very first step to finding rich, successful people is in school, it may be college or some other training facility.  Most successful people seek out additional training.  It may be a degree or certificate program or taking classes just for fun.  The better the school, the more likely the graduates will succeed.  If you already graduated college, take additional classes in something interesting.  It may be worth your while.


Where do rich, successful people go for fun?  You can find them everywhere and many not so common places.  You could run into a rich successful person at the supermarket, in the fresh produce section or the bank making a deposit.  Rich successful people take care of ordinary things too.  It is unlikely you will meet them because they are doing what is necessary and not socializing.  You need to find other situations to meet people.  It may be a class on wine, charity fundraising, volunteering at the museum or another organization to meet like minded people.  Find the opportunities that interest you.


There are single tours, cruises and travel organizations and much more.  You can travel with friends to faraway places or nearby locations.  Spring Break takes on a different definition.  Don’t think of the usual places.  It may be Spring skiing, jazz concert, music festival or Renaissance Pleasure Fair to name just a few.  Go where rich people play, it may be Southampton, SXSW (South by Southwest Film Festival), Sundance Film Festival or Summer/Winter Olympics.  These kinds of events attract rich people with these interests.


What sports do you play?  Certain sports attract rich people more than others.  You could play basketball with George Clooney or Barack Obama, but that is unlikely.  It is much more likely to meet rich successful people skiing at Monmouth, Squaw Valley, Deer Valley or Aspen.  Take tennis, golf, dance, archery, sailing, surfing, skiing, fencing, polo, or horseback riding.  Although the lessons may yield opportunities, playing these sports or activities will provide opportunities to meet rich successful people.  These sports take money to play and will attract people who have these interests and the money to pursue it.  You can be a spectator as well and meet other people who have the same interests.


In New York City or Los Angeles, I would go to where rich successful people eat, live work and play.  It may mean Wall Street or Beverly Hills.  Have you thought about going to have lunch where these successful people do?  Spend time in the right places where successful people may spend their time.  Maybe you will be noticed!  Don’t be a stalker and don’t expect anything.  Be friendly, happy and approachable, maybe you will make a connection.  Don’t forget shopping in stores that supply equipment for sports, hobbies or avocations of rich successful people.

Final Thoughts

The message should be very clear, go where rich and successful people would work, live, play, shop, or eat.  Just being there improves your odds!  This is a form of networking, but you are not looking for a job.  Is love important?  Absolutely!  Don’t marry someone just because they are rich and successful.  It is no harder to find somebody who is rich and successful and fall in love than just finding someone to love.  I am not suggesting finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma.  You do not have to get married or fall in love to use people.  Rich successful people know how to make money and that is a skill that is very valuable.  You can just as easily marry a rich person as not.  If you are with rich successful people, you are more likely to find the love of your life.   Marry for money and love!

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Marry for money and love!

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