Do You Have Perfect Attendance?

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In eleven years, I have nearly perfect attendance.  How about you?  Do you like to go to work?  How do you feel about Mondays?  Do you look forward to go to work or are you thinking about the next weekend?  Do you wake up with a smile on your face ready to go to work?  Believe it or not, there are people who like their job!  Are you one of them?


According to Forbes 70% of people do not like their job!  Do you think they will come to work every day?  If you like your job, you are more likely to go to work every day.  The opposite is equally true.  If you hate your job, you will probably be absent more.  Does your company have attendance rewards?  Before my school budget was cut, I used to receive two (2) movie tickets or a $10 Starbucks gift card for perfect attendance each semester.  Do you think employees show up every day just because of these token rewards?

Work Ethic?

Do people who come to work every day have a better work ethic than the ones who call in sick?  Companies give 5-10 sick days a year, why shouldn’t you take them?  Many companies have shifted to calling these days personal time.  They know that many employees need personal time off for doctor’s appointments, children events or other personal issues.  Why make the employee lie and say they are sick.  Does it matter, if you have perfect attendance or not?

Employer Perspective

As a boss, the ideal employee is someone who does their job well and is dependable.  What does dependable mean to you?  In my entrepreneurial days when I owned a restaurant, I needed dependable employees that showed up for their shift, work to the best of their ability doing their job.  All this for minimum wage, am I expecting too much?  Do minimum wage employees love their job or just need the money?  Obviously, they need the money!  I did not offer sick time to my employees.

Soft Skills

Is there a difference between hourly and salaried employees?  Should it matter if you are paid by the hour or you receive a salary?  Salaried employees are generally paid whether they are there or not.  Of course there is a limitation based on company policy on time off.  Many companies have policies for hourly workers for sick and time off.  A good work ethic is a soft skill that we would want every employee to possess.  In most cases, it follows with other soft skills we want employees to have such as self management skills and people skills.

Paid Time Off

Some enlightened employers provide paid time off at the discretion of the employee.  In other words, the employee receives a set number of days to be used at the employee’s discretion for sick, personal or vacation.  There is built in incentive if you do not need to take personal or sick time, you have more vacation time.  There are many differences between organizations, but management thinks the employee can manage their lives within limits.  It rewards employees who come to work every day with additional time off.

Final Thoughts

Do you have to have perfect attendance to show you love your job?  No, of course not!  If you start the week looking forward to next weekend, you probably do not love your job.  If you do not love your job, you will look for excuses to take time off.  You know what I mean, that sniffle seems like the flu and you need three (3) days off to recover.  I knew employees who would take a Friday off as a mental health day.  For the record, I took time off, but it was planned.  Do you think successful people are always thinking about time off?  If you are unhappy with your career or job, look for another job, don’t call in sick!  Perfect attendance is not for the few crazy people, but indicative of people who love their job.

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