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I do not know about you, but I never have enough money!  I learned how to impress women without spending a lot of money.  It is easy to go out and buy a dozen roses and go to an expensive restaurant.  You have to be creative to think of places to go on a date that can impress your date and not spend a lot of money.  I am most familiar with New York and Los Angeles, but this can be done anywhere in the world. A picnic on the beach, park or just a secluded spot on a hill is creative, romantic and costs very little.  Museums are great places for dates; many have additional attractions such as concerts, music and movies.  The cost is nominal $10-15 per person.  Some nights are free or discounted after certain hours.  Most cities have art galleries which have art showings.  You go there once, sign a register and they put you on their mailing list to be invited to the showings.  Admission is free!

All these venues will impress your date with your choice and sophistication.  Are there more?  Certainly, use your creativity.  A walk on the beach at sunset and bring a bottle of wine or food you picked up.  Depending on your age and what you like, hiking in a park, mountains or an interesting location can be fun.  If the objective is for two people to find something you can enjoy together, the choices are endless.  You can enjoy a sport like bicycling, inline skating, tennis, hiking, walking or swimming or going to a sports event.  Some people would enjoy meeting in the library to explore some books, others enjoy a coffee at an outdoor café or hanging out together.  The Internet gives us opportunities to research your choices before you commit to choice.  You could meet for dessert and a coffee at a great location such as a hotel at the beach.  There are a lot of outdoor venues where the cost is based on your purchases such as a local or state fair, festival or something sponsored by restaurants.  Last, there are walking tours of historic portions of a city; these are generally free or low cost.  There are a lot of choices, use your creativity and not only do you save money, but you can really impress your date.  If you like this article and would like to learn more, please subscribe.

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