Chasing the American Dream

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What is the American dream?  It is the American social, economic, and political system that makes success possible for every American.  What are you doing to attain the American dream?  Yes, you have to do something!  Unemployment is at record levels, housing and construction is down, and the stock market is volatile at best.  Well paying jobs in manufacturing were outsourced!  No one feels secure in their jobs.  What should you do?

Let me reassure you, it is still possible to attain the American Dream.  It does not matter how old you are, you can still do something.  Do I have your attention?  First, do something different or unique.  When Facebook started, there was MySpace.  Facebook was different; it went after a different audience.  Whether you are a mechanic, plumber, electrician, medical doctor, dentist or chef, you can be different from the rest.  These are jobs that cannot be outsourced.  Next, how can you make yourself indispensable?  Society needs skilled tradesmen (electricians, plumbers, & carpenters), good doctors, and dentists.  In Southern California and most metropolitan cities, a second language is necessary!  If you speak a second language such as Spanish or Mandarin, you are much more valuable.  Whether it is the job  or how you perform it  that makes it indispensable!

There are many careers a college degree in unnecessary!.  The electricians’ union is looking for apprentices!  High school graduates, please apply.  You have to be good at math and trainable.  These jobs are well paying and having difficulty filling them.  Why?  Too many high school graduates who are not going to college do not have the math skills to be an electrician.  We are not graduating enough Engineers from college or enough math and science majors.  Our colleges attract many people from around the world majoring in these specialties, but we do not encourage them to stay and work in the United States.  Computer science is another area that is well paying and does not meet the demand for qualified people.  Teachers are another profession that needs to attract the brightest and best people.  Remember these are the people who teach the skills to the future doctors, dentists and electricians.

What should we do?  To maintain the American Dream, we need to encourage our children to investigate these careers.  We need to place a value on the skills necessary to succeed in these careers.  For those of you in your twenties, thirties and forties and beyond, consider additional training; learn the necessary skills so you can participate in the American Dream.  Our community college system is one of the best in the world!  It is inexpensive and life-long training is important to your success.  So what is stopping you?  The American Dream is here, if you want it!

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