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Where can I learn to be a leader?  The best kept leadership secret is……….?  I bet you think it is a Harvard MBA!  It is true that more Fortune 500 CEOs have Harvard MBAs, but that is not it.  Here is a hint.  It does not cost much and there is no entrance exam. There are many opportunities to learn how to become a leader, but you have to work at it! Read More…


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Am I entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?  Can you learn how to be an entrepreneur?  Yes!  So what is stopping you?  Sooner or later, you will toy with the idea of starting your own business. I know because I started investing in income property  a long time ago. I will share some of my experiences as an entrepreneur with you. Read More…


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Changing careers is not easy! Start at the beginning and take the time to do it right! Either you plan change or you face change because you lose your job! What should you do? There is a lot of advice out there! After all everyone has an opinion and they will share it with you. They are well meaning, but it is your choice. It is your life and do not become a victim! Read More…


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Can you handle tough interview questions? Have you ever been in an interview and the interviewer asks you an off the wall question to see how you think?  Every interview should have these questions and the good ones always do!  Interviews are opportunities for the employer to learn about you and demonstrate your skills to convince them you are the right person.  How do you prepare for them? Read More…


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Is networking over for job seekers? A few years ago, I read an article called ”Has Networking Become a Waste of Time for Job Seekers” on discussing the new way of networking.  Each year new college graduates enter the job market. What should they do to get their first professional job?  Social media or face to face networking? Read More…


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Get rich working in the corporate world!  Before you think I am crazy, think about it.  Startups and high tech companies have a lot of millionaires!  You work 40-60 hours a week, why not make it pay!  You went to a good college and you received your MBA from a top 25 school.  You should be able to be successful, shouldn’t you?  Are you on your way to millions?  Why not? Read More…


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If your soft skills are not up to snuff, you better work on them! If you are a doctor, dentist or surgeon, your technical skills could mean life or death!  Does it matter, if these individuals treat you well?  Soft skills are personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. Read More…

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How to prepare for a lunch interview? You made it through your first interview!  Your second interview is over lunch with your perspective new boss.  It is at a great restaurant near their office and you have been there before.  What do you need to know?  What will the employer look for? Remember, you are not there for the food! You need to answer questions and not embarrass yourself!. Read More…

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Holiday Networking are you crazy? It is the holidays and it should be enjoyable! You are probably invited to parties where you can make connections and make next year better for your career. Whether you are happy with your career or need a change, make the most of this holiday season networking opportunities. Read More…

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How to Land a Job?

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How to land a job? It could be you or someone you know who is looking for a job.  Are you looking for summer employment, a part time job, a full time job or a career position?  You may be young, old or just in the middle, it does not matter!  What are companies looking for? Experience, skills, problem solvers or super stars? If you just graduated, you can still find a job! What should you do? Read More…

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