Average, Normal, Expected and Ordinary

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Average, Normal, Expected and Ordinary are words no one wants to hear!  I know I didn’t when I was in high school.  I remember hearing the Head Counselor telling my mother I was average.  That hurt!  Did it matter I was in a high performing prep school?  Was I average compared to the other students?  Hearing that evaluation motivated me to excel in everything.  Words can change you!

Words are important and can change your behavior, thinking and even what you achieve.  In my first job, I received my first work review.  They were happy with my work and said so in the review.  They said I exceeded all expectations.  They wanted to give me more responsibility and a raise.  They said all the right things to keep me happy.  Words are powerful; the right words can make you happy.  I had bigger dreams and was looking for a change.  Did their words motivate me to take a risk?  I was looking for a better future.  I believed their words and listened to my heart!

Was I just being ambitious?  Why would I want to leave a secure job that appreciated my performance for one that is unknown?  Did it scare me?  Yes, but I was willing to take a chance for the better opportunity.  Unlike the words that I heard from my high school counselor, the words in my head were genius, unique and extraordinary.  Did I have good self esteem?  Yes!  It developed over time from a history of accomplishments that I started to realize were extraordinary.

I left that first job and continued to hear the words that encouraged me to do better.  Years later, I realized that I wanted to work for myself versus working for others.  It took time, disappointments, relocation fears, unreasonable expectations and a desire to work for myself.  I started investing in rental property and increased both in size, scope and income to ultimately turn it into a business.  When you are running a business, you are constantly concerned with cash flow.  You want to achieve the expected amount.

Words are powerful!  When it comes to investment returns, there is always a disclaimer that the legal department probably required to add to their prospectus.  The disclaimer of past performance does not guarantee future performance is in some form in every prospectus.  It seems obvious, but we rely on the numbers and sometimes we are surprised at the results.  Historical numbers create an expectation such as increase in value.  There are many instances that the clarification makes it harder to understand.  If you do not believe it, just look at a credit card disclosure form.

If you want to influence an outcome, just tell your girl she is pretty or beautiful in that bikini.  Tell her she is smart or sexy and mean it!  It has the opposite effect, if you do not mean it.  Words are powerful!  They can help you get what you want or prevent you from getting what you want.  Suddenly there is a reason that you took that English class.  Communicating in writing or speaking can either help you or destroy you.  The words do not only affect your psyche, but others as well.

The right words create positive feelings and the wrong ones do not!  Are you so fragile that just an encouraging word changes your day and others can destroy your day?.  When did you recognize the power of words?  Positive words create a positive environment.  What words do you say to yourself?  Are they positive or negative?  Words are powerful and can change you and the people around you.  What are you going to do?  Average, Normal, Expected and Ordinary are words that can change results.

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